Weekend Recap…Slime and Sunshine

Happy Monday! Today I am linking with two of my favorites, Johannah and Heather. Friday started with 4.5 glorious miles of running and then walking. It was so nice out. Our mornings are dipping down to the low 60’s/high 50’s. Later that morning, Guy came home and set up his field and harvested a bunch…… Continue reading Weekend Recap…Slime and Sunshine

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Unboxing the Bento…What’s for Lunch!

Do I want to spend $30 on a bento box? Nope! Am I going to spend a lot of money on a lunch box for my kids? Nope! But guess what, my kids LOVE eating a little bit of everything and love what they call¬† “surprise lunches”. I thought I would share with you some…… Continue reading Unboxing the Bento…What’s for Lunch!


Friday Favorites…School’s Out for Summer

School’s out for summer! Yesterday was our last day. Here are the kiddos first and last day pictures… Poor Guy has such bad allergies and his eyes are a little puffy, but Brother grew like a weed this year! Sister grew so much this year as well. I cannot believe how old she looks. Here…… Continue reading Friday Favorites…School’s Out for Summer