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Happy Thursday! Today I am joining my friend Jen and co-hosting our fun monthly link up, Share Your (life)…and this month we are sharing a day in the life. I hope you will be joining us down below for the link-up as well. Grab the graphic and join us!


In January we shared… my 19 Goals in ’19 and my OLW

In February we shared…our loves!

And now we are sharing a day in the life!

I documented Tuesday, it was just a day in the week that was pretty normal for us right now. I wake up slowly at 5 each morning, that doesn’t mean I am up and talking and ready to go, but it does mean my eyes are opened and I kind of just go through the motions. Hahaha!


I get ready, which includes dry shampoo and some makeup…


And the real MVP of my morning is Brandon who always brings me my first cup of coffee (he does this while he is emptying the dishwasher from the night before)…everyone needs a Brandon in the morning.


After I finish getting myself ready, I have my quiet time where I read my devotional and right now I am reading the book of John.


I also journal in my Simple Purposeful Living 6 Month Daily Journal.


After my quiet time I check on my blog, read other blogs, and now my kiddos are awake. They wake up by themselves  now and get dressed, but also make their own breakfast.

As I was making my breakfast and doing the dishes (I can’t leave with a sink full of dishes) I was looking out my window and I am still in shock that we have this much snow and more projected…


We leave for school and I am trying to usher in spring with some yellow pants.


Our morning in kindergarten goes by really quickly, we have a morning meeting, do calendar, learn about different jobs during reading time, write about what our mom’s do for work in their journals and have a brain break.

In math we are learning the different combinations of five and because it is so cold, I turned on our “fireplace” during writing time.

I needed some coffee on my prep time, I also made a bunch of coffee and finished my weekly to-do list!

When the kids and I got home from school Brandon has made me a snack.


Does anyone elses house sometimes look like this after school? I swear they know to hang their stuff up in the spare bedroom…I am over all the winter clothes and snow gear.


While Guy and Maddi picked up their school stuff they dumped by the door, I finished my snack and did some chores myself. I needed to do some dishes and also start a load of laundry. I try to do 15-20 minute increments of cleaning and then also a little blog work while the kids are doing their homework.

At 4, Brandon had to leave for a Bible study he is doing at church, I started dinner, which was tacos!


After dinner I sat down and read for a little bit…


At 6, I took Maddi to her basketball practice. She was very excited because her team was going to scrimmage the 5th grade boys basketball team…sister had to have her shades.


Around 6:30 Brandon got home so him, Guy and I played some games, Trouble and Pie in the Face.

After Maddi got home at 7:30 it was shower time, reading time, and relaxing time. Even though it doesn’t seem like this a relaxing time for the parents. I also got ready for a baby shower at work the next day…


The kids were in bed around 8:30, Brandon and I went to bed right behind them and I turned on Hart of Dixie, I woke up at 11:30 and had to turn the TV off because I fell asleep. I was wiped out. Hahaha! Needless to say, I am not sure what time I fell asleep at.

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Thank you so much for reading. I love day in the life posts, and I can’t wait to read everyone’s posts today! Next month join us for our favorite guilty pleasures (binge watching/reading/podcasts/music/movies/etc…)



12 thoughts on “Share Your…Day in the Life

    1. I cannot believe how busy we all are and how much we are able to accomplish. Day in the life posts are my favorite!

  1. That’s so sweet your hubby brings you coffee each morning; on occasion I will get up early with my husband and make his breakfast and/or lunch while he’s getting ready. It always put a smile on his face.

    1. He treats me good! I love packing his lunch for him too! I love hearing how you serve your husband!

  2. I loved Hart of Dixie I was so sad when I finished. I loved that show! I love seeing a glimpse into your day and so honored to be apart of your morning routine!!! Loved seeing your pages filled, means more than you know 🙂

    1. I love Hart if Dixie too. It’s just a cute show! I love your journal and sing it praises to everyone I know!

  3. Love Maddi’s shades! You have a full day also. Teaching and balancing all the things can get a little crazy sometimes, but I know you rock at it! So glad to host this link up with you. 🙂

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