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Kid Friendly Lunches

If you are like me, you might need a little inspiration to pull through the next three months of school lunches. I thought I would share with you two of my most popular posts about kid friendly  lunches. These are perfect for lunch boxes. Here are several ideas for lunches…

Here is a re-post of Unboxing the Bento…What’s for Lunch!

Do I want to spend $30 on a bento box? Nope! Am I going to spend a lot of money on a lunch box for my kids? Nope! But guess what, my kids LOVE eating a little bit of everything and love what they call  “surprise lunches”. I thought I would share with you some of my kiddos lunches lately. Here is how I do it without a Bento box.

Also note, this is real life. My kids don’t eat too many veggies, and not for my lack of trying. I try to offer them a veggie at lunch and also a veggie at snack and dinner. Yes, we do goldfish crackers and sometimes boxed Mac-n-cheese.

Apples, grapes, cosmos (caramel corn puffs that you need in your life), turkey lunch meat, cheese, and almonds.

Popcorn, half a hot dog, triscuits, cheeze-its, mandarin oranges, bell peppers, turkey lunch meat, and reeses peanut butter cups.

Tortellini, marinara sauce, strawberries, cheeze-its, and marshmallows.

1/2 a granola bar, cheeze-its, grapes, cheese, carrots, and ham roll-ups (I put a little bit of cream cheese or mayo on the inside).

1/2 a sandwich, snap peas, wheat thins, grapes, 1/2 a granola bar, goldfish crackers.

S’more marshmallow, cheeze-its, popcorn, cucumber, pepperoni, peaches and raspberries.

Ham and swiss slider, cupcake goldfish, snap peas, popcorn chicken, cherries.

1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich, cheeze-its’, cantaloupe, graham crackers, and yogurt.

Pigs in a blanket, yogurt, apples, wheat thins, 1/2 a string cheese.

Cheese quesadillas, goldfish, cucumbers, and watermelon.

I have found that giving them plenty of selection really increases how much they eat and how excited they get to eat lunch. I have also found that they look forward to lunch the most because of the selection and how fun it is.

And a re-post of Lunch!

My kids are funny when it comes to food. Where I can eat the same breakfast or lunch for three years straight (maybe a little dramatic), they need change. They need options. Here is what our lunches look like…

Cheese quesadilla / salsa / tortilla chips/ yogurt smoothie/ caramello

 ham sandwich/ wheat thins with cheese spread / yogurt smoothie / Babybel / 1/2 granola bar

mac and cheese/ 1/2 a brownie / goldfish XTREME cheddar / munster cheese / wheat thins

1/2 turkey sandwich / goldfish mix / raspberries / grapes / 1/2 a brownie

grilled cheese sandwich / banana chips / goldfish pretzels / no bake cookie / ritz crackers with nutella

Pita pocket/pizza sauce/cheese/mini pepperonis (to make their own pizza)/ cherries/ CHEX mix/ cherry tomatoes/ apple sauce/ Easy Ooey-Gooey S’More Bars

 Grapes/ Gardettos/ Star white cheddar Cheetos/ Pepperoni/ 1/2 a granola bar/ cheddar cheese

mini bagel bite pizzas/ sweet potato fries/ cauliflower/ rice cakes/ cherries/ cupcake

What do your kids like for lunch? Do you find yourself needing inspiration for lunches this time of the school year? What is your kiddos favorite lunch? Thanks for reading!



14 thoughts on “Kid Friendly Lunches

    1. Thank you so much Jessica! My kids will forever keep me on my toes and ever changing! I hope you are all having a great spring break!

    1. Prayers being said and fingers crossed!!! Hahahaha! I think it’s all about variety and my kids love the small amounts of things.

    1. My kids too Erin! They love variety and it seems they like small amounts of it! They love snack trays too!

  1. My kids don’t eat much vegetables either. Simon takes an apple with lunch but the others take cookies or candy! Simon loves cheese quesidillas these days!

    1. I love cheese quesadillas too! One of my favorites! I try hard to get them to eat fruits and veggies but i think it’s all about balance and finding ways to get them to eat new foods. Thank you Dara!

  2. I always love these posts! And I love that yours are so real! Our kids are so picky and I often see other people posting their kids eating a whole bunch of stuff my kids wouldn’t touch, but these are GREAT ideas! I’ll be needing this for summertime at home!

    1. I agree, my kids won’t eat a ton of veggies even though it is offered. It’s all about balance and it’s all about variety with my kids.

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