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March Goals and a February Recap

Happy last day of February? Wasn’t it just the billionth day of January two seconds ago? Now we are entering Spring! It may not seem all springy around here, we have snow on the ground and more in the forecast but we are anxiously awaiting spring’s arrival!

Here is a look at my February goals…


  • Slow down and enjoy time at home… I feel like we were out and about a lot this month but also enjoyed time at home. I think we had a good balance, but I also have asked Brandon if we could just stay home this coming weekend because we have been busy lately too and Mama is happiest in her nest.
  • Get outside more… We have been outside sledding and snowboarding and playing in the snow! img_2432img_2433
  • Plan ahead for spring lessons…I  am feeling a little ahead of the spring game, but I also am wanting to start planning my assessments for the end of the quarter and I also want to plan my art and science.
  • Add some new themes for kindergarten…the whole month of March is going to be new for me…insects and dinosaurs. That is what we are tackling in March and I am excited to add some new fun things to our classroom!
  • Have a Valentine’s Dinner for my family…we had a yummy waffle bar for dinner!img_2482
  • Look/buy a coffee table…we looked, but we did not find the perfect one yet.
  • Go golfing or to the driving range… the snow kept us from completing this goal, but we did get a lot of time in together as a family and that is what this goal was all about.

On to my March goals…


  • Spring clean inside and outside… enough said!
  • Wash my makeup brushes… it has been TOO long! Way to long!
  • Start Easter baskets… Maddi and Guy each get an Easter basket from Brandon and I and even though Easter is late this year, I want to start buying some stuff this month.
  • Workout 4 times a week…We should have a little lull between basketball and baseball and I am hoping that the snow clears off to get in some walks outside. My eating has been on point lately, now I just need to get back into working out consistently.
  • Pitch to two companies…holy cow this is a little scary to put out there, I might get enough courage to make some pitches.
  • Clean out pantry…It is in complete disarray! I need to clean it out.
  • Start buying summer essentials… sunblock, beach towels, swimsuits…it won’t all get bought right away, but I do want to get started. I also put a swimsuit and flip flops in the kids Easter baskets.

What is on your to-do list this coming month? What do you put in your kids Easter baskets? Thanks for sharing!


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