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WUW {February 2019}

Happy Wednesday! Today I am linking up with Sheaffer and Shay for one of my favorite link ups, What’s Up Wednesday! It’s such a fun recap of the month and a great way to look into next month. Here is what we have been up and what we are looking forward to…

This picture has summed up the last few weeks in February for us. Winter finally showed up.

What we’re eating this week..

I didn’t get around to posting my meal plan on Sunday, so here is what we are eating this week…

Sunday…grilled fish and roasted potatoes
Monday…Salmon and roasted veggies
Tuesday…Taco Salads
Wednesday…Frech dip sandwiches
Thursday… cobb salads
Friday… Homemade grilled pizzas
Saturday…grilled steak salads

What I’m reminiscing about…

We have a theater company visiting our school in the next few weeks and it has made me think about when Maddi played an Ogre for the play Rapunzel the last time they visited town.


What I’m loving…

My Dash Rapid Egg Cookerfor perfect hard boiled eggs! They also comes in the cutest colors. I have the teal one.

What we’ve been up to..

February was a fun month. Maddi was in the school’s talent show and did a basketball routine, we cheered on our girl at basketball games, we played in the snow, had weekly date nights, played in the snow, had a Q and U wedding, played in the snow, had a weekend getaway, and did I mention played in the snow?

What I’m dreading…

I am OVER snow gear….wet snow gear laying all over my classroom to dry, wet snow gear laying all over my entry way to dry just to be put back on to go outside and play. The amount of time it takes to get dressed to go outside! Mittens, gloves, hats, oh my!

What I’m working on…

Getting planned through Spring Break in my classroom. I can’t believe I am even typing that!


What I’m watching/reading…

You can see what I read this month in this post. I read three really good books this month.


What I’m listening to…

So many good podcasts about building your business and brand!


What I’m wearing…

All the winter looks…


What I’m doing this weekend…

I am not even sure yet. We have a couple of things on the agenda but nothing major! I am excited to have a low and slow weekend at home with my favorite people!


What I’m looking forward to next month…

Lots of good stuff, baseball starts back up, warmer weather and sunshine, spring break, basketball tournaments, it is going to be a fun little month!

What else is new…

My Oreo Cookies n’ Cream Cookies


Italian Sloppy Joes


…BONUS…What is your families favorite board game…

We LOVE games in this house. We usually play several a week. You can see our favorite board games in this post.

Brandon and I have been teaching the kids to play progressive Rummy and that has been fun. We love games!

Thanks for reading today and happy hump day!


12 thoughts on “WUW {February 2019}

    1. I am so excited for sunshine! I think we have a warm up moving in next week! When it was snowing today all of my students let out a groan! Hahahaha! We are over it!

  1. I need to check out the dash rapid egg cooker! What a great product. We haven’t had snow but I totally agree with you about being over the cold weather. I am tired of layering and wearing jackets. Bring on warmer temps and flip flops!

  2. Looks like “snow” much fun!! 😉I’m a sucker for new cookies, and these look divine! Enjoy your low and slow weekend, friend!

  3. So much snow! Crazy! We are supposed to get some this weekend, but I’m hoping we don’t! You can keep it all. I can’t believe this month is already over!! Have a great rest of the week, friend!

    1. I can’t believe how fast February went too! It seems like the school year just flies by from here on out!

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