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February Entertainment…What I’m Reading/Listening To and Watching…

Hello! Can anyone else believe that the month of February is wrapping up? I feel like I blinked and it was over. I have three great books to share with you this month, some great, motivating podcasts and what we have been watching on these cold snowy nights…


I started the month by reading “Stretched to Thin” by Jessica N. Turner. I loved this book. As a mom who has a little bit of “working mom guilt” and feeling pulled in several different directions, I found this book full of great tips, different mind sets, as well as reflective ways with how Jessica has learned to stay organized and focused, yet full of love for her family. At the end of each chapter are questions and reflections as well as tips. I would love to give this book to every Mama I know. It helps you prioritize and balance all that is on our plates.

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“The Sound of Gravel” has been on my bookshelf since this past summer. I don’t know why it took me so long to pick it up and read, but once I did I could not put it down. It is a memoir by Ruth Wariner and I had to remind myself multiple times throughout the book that this was a real-life experience, not fiction. This book has stuck with me and will be one I continually think back on as a powerful read. It is about Ruth’s experience growing up in a cult on the U.S./Mexico border. Some parts were very hard to read through, but this book is mind changing (I really saw how it would be hard to leave this culture after being raised in it and how you strive to honor your mother and father). I have been recommending this book to anyone!

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The third and final book I read was “Emptied” by Wynter and Johnathon Pitts. This book was a reflection on Johnathon and Wynter’s marriage and how their marriage is focused on God. I loved that in each chapter you got to hear from both Johnathon and Wynter separately. I loved the stories that they shared and how they always brought it back to Jesus. I loved hearing how their past affected their marriage and I loved how they talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly yet always brought it back to God and his redemptive power. I think sometimes marriage books can only focus on the “how to’s” and the “good/picture perfect” and this book was raw and reflective and yet it has you wanting your marriage to reflect God.

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…Listening To…

My favorite podcast from the month was Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour with Jonathan Pitts (the man who helped write that third book). This past summer (the day that Jonathan sent the final draft of “Emptied” to their publisher, Wynter passed away. This podcast was amazing and full of love, admiration, and gospel truth.


I love The Go-Getter podcast. Kasey does a great job of making teaching, blogging and marketing so do-able and achievable. This specific episode talked about increasing her frequency, AKA positive vibes and how she goes about increasing her frequency as well as the importance of it. I really liked this episode.


I also loved Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast on the “What No One Tells You About “Success” episode. She really got raw. It was really interesting to hear how she used to be a social butterfly but now prefers to stay in and close to those who love her. It was also really interesting to hear about how relationships change throughout the seasons of life while you are focused on a goal. I loved how candid Jenna was in this podcast.



America’s Got Talent

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And then Brandon and I both got sucked into Netflix’s Fyre  documentary on the Fyre festival and never was…

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And because that documentary on Netflix was so mind blowing we watched the one on Hulu, Fyre Fraud which was equally as good.

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What have you been reading, listening to, or watching? What books will you be picking up to read soon? What podcasts are you listening to lately? I would love to hear! Thanks for stopping by!



7 thoughts on “February Entertainment…What I’m Reading/Listening To and Watching…

    1. She has some good stuff! She used to be a teacher but now runs her business through Teachers Pay Teachers and has really good tips about building your brand and businessand each episode is around 15 minutes max. I really like it!

  1. Ya know I do not listen to podcasts but I bet I would like them. Some friends and I said we should start one, lol. Great books to add to my list too.

  2. I’m glad you liked Sound of Gravel. I still think about it over a year after I read it. Thanks for the tip on the Jamie Ivey podcast. I had skipped over that one, but will re-download and listen to it.

    1. It was a good episode! His story is just tragic and the fact that I was right in the middle of the book was just super moving. I can’t stop thinking about The Sound of Gravel and will probably think about it forever. What a hard, hard childhood.

    2. That was a great podcast, Wynter and his story is so tragic and sad, yet there is so much hope there. Also, I was right in the middle of their book when I listened to it. I loved The Sound of Gravel and I know I will be thinking of this book for a long time. I have always wondered why it is hard for people to leave situations like that, but seeing her relationship with her mom really opened my eyes.

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