You Asked, I Answered

askThroughout the years I have been blogging I started writing down some of the most asked questions and thought I might go through and answer them today. I am a pretty open book and loved answering these questions….

How do you meal plan?

I love meal planning. I think that this is one of my biggest tricks for saving money in our monthly budget, but also helps me stay organized throughout the week. I think my biggest tip would be to look at your week and see what you are going to be “working around”….sports practices/appointments/meetings/working late. On nights that we have sports practices I do something super simple or use my crock pot. I always have my handy-dandy list out on the counter and keep track of my list as the week goes on. I also write out my meals and grocery list on Wednesday night and then on Thursday night I order it from grocery pick up to be picked up on the weekend. I always give myself an extra day or two just in case I forgot to add something. We eat at home most nights, the kids pack their own lunches, and we have breakfast at home as well. Meal planning is a life saver.

Where did you go to college?

I went to Eastern Washington University. #GoEags! I had the best job in college, I was the tour coordinator and was pretty much the face of Eastern for my junior year. I loved college, every little bit of it. Even living in the dorms, they were crowded and small and my first roommate and I did not get along very well, but it was so much fun and a great experience.

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You teach kindergarten? Are you crazy?!?!

Yes! And yes! I taught preschool for five years prior, and my first teaching job I taught second and third grade in the same little classroom.

Did you always want to be a teacher?

I knew I wanted to be a teacher my whole life. I also knew I wanted to teach kindergarten my whole life. I used to play school every day after school, I volunteered at summer schools, I was a teachers aid, my college was an easy pick because it was the head of the education field in the state of Washington. Side note, I teach kindergarten in the same school that I went to elementary school and it is where I dreamed I would teach and also the grade I dreamed about teaching.

Do you have working mom guilt?

Every single day, but I love my job. I love that I get to see Maddi and Guy throughout the day and I love that we have the same schedule. I love that we get to go to school together and I love that we come home together. The times I get the most guilt is always missing out on their open house because I have my own, missing out on pastries with parents, missing out on classroom parties, and I also hate the fact that in the mornings we are always so rushed. We had a late start this week because of snow and I actually got to make my kids breakfast that didn’t come from a box (cereal). I forget that projects are due, miss out on field trips, and show up with store bought cookies, but I also get to see them throughout the day, get hugs when they get hurt, and get to know their friends, and we have all the same breaks. These are things I don’t take for granted.

When did you get saved?

I was saved my freshman year of college. You can read my testimony here.

What does Brandon do?

He does it all! He works for the City as a garbage man but farms, mechanics, works really hard. Fun fact, we lived on his family’s farm when we first got married.

Are you done having kids?

YES! Hahaha! Yes, it is finished, it is done. However, I will hold and kiss on babies any day of the week. I do get major baby fever some days.

Do you have a Sunday routine?

Absolutely. We really try to hang low on Sunday and spend the majority of the day at home getting ready for the next week and relaxing. I may do a post on this!

How did you find a church?

We went to our church, left for a bit and came back. It was such a welcoming place, a happy friendly place, and the message comes right from the Bible. It matched up with our beliefs and the people were so loving. I also think it helped to jump right in and start helping out.

Do you have any questions for me that you would like to know? I have a couple more questions that I will answer in another post. Ask away and I will answer!




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