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Welcome to a fun monthly link-up with Jen from The Bolin Bunch and myself. We hope you will join us this month. We are talking all about our loves! I am all about sharing the love of my people. My family is where my heart is, and so I thought it would be fun to a do a little re-introduction in case you are new around here, or maybe want to learn a little somethin’ new about us…

…My First love…Brandon…

  • We met when I was 19 and a sophomore in college. My roommate and his mom worked together and set us up on a blind date. This was before Facebook or Myspace even so it was a real blind date. We went to Chili’s and bowling and I knew by our second date that he was a keeper.
  • On our second date, I made him dinner…lasagna and we watched the CMA’s.
  • On our third date he picked me wildflowers while he was at work and stuck them in a Gatorade bottle and my heart melted.
  • I used to skip class just so he could come over and eat lunch with me on his lunch break. He would bring me a Diet Coke from McDonalds and eat his lunch at my apartment. I only went to that class four times in the quarter, just to take tests. That was NOT like me at all…I was the person in the front row taking all the notes.
  • We got engaged 6 months after we met.
  • We will be married for 14 years in August…I have almost known Brandon for half of my life.
  • Our first house was his farm house and we lived and ran (well Brandon did all the work) the farm. He fired me after I backed a grain truck into the barn and put a hole in it.
  • Our first baby was a black lab named Duck!
  • Brandon has a big soft spot for babies and is always talking to them or waving at them getting them to smile at him.

…Maddison Mae…

  • When I found out I was having a girl I painted her room pink and light green and it was ladybug themed and SO cute!
  • We picked out the name Demi before I was even pregnant and then I heard Maddison on the Martha Stewart Show…that’s how we got her name.
  • We were both shocked by her red hair and she still gets compliments all the time on it.
  • She used to do dance but would cry every week before practice…for a couple of years…YIKES! I finally decided not to spend money on something she hated and she tried soccer and basketball and loved basketball.
  • She golfs right handed and plays basketball right handed.
  • She is left handed.
  • Maddi loves Chinese food and would rather have veggies than any other food group.
  • Maddi loves to give gifts and is SO good at picking out super thoughtful gifts. If I am ever stumped she always has a good idea and it is always thoughtful.


  • We call him Guy Birdly, Guy Bird (my uncle started that) or Guy Man.
  • He only calls Maddi “Sissy”. She will not answer if he calls her by her name.
  • Guy is one of those kids that’s super good at sports. It comes really naturally to him (unlike me or Brandon).
  • The kid knows no stranger. He is friends with everyone.
  • He is a hugger.
  • We knew his name would be Guy before we had Maddi. Hahaha! That was the boy name we knew we had to have. He is named after a really close friend of Brandon’s who ended up passing away when I was six months pregnant with Guy.
  •  He loves doing magic tricks and figuring out card tricks.
  • Guy has the most tender heart of anyone I know. He is very empathetic and if he thinks someone needs help he will drop anything to help.

There are my loves! I love my little family, although we are not perfect people, we are perfectly made for each other.

You can read my first Share Your post here…it’s my 19 goals for 2019. Next month join us on March 7th and link up a Day in the Life post!



16 thoughts on “Share Your…Loves!

  1. Love this post!! I swear, love is in the details, and I love that you shared the details of what makes each of your loves unique. Sweet post, Jenna!

  2. I also met Dave in college – freshman year – and more than half my life now! That is sad that the person you named Guy after passed away. I guess his name was meant to be in memory. I call Gabbie my ladybug and Zachary is left handed!

    1. I love that you met your hubby in college. Isn’t it crazy to think about being with someone almost half your life?!?! That thought just makes me smile. I love it. I love that you call Gabbie your ladybug!

    1. It was not the most responsible thing I ever did (skipping class to eat lunch with him) but I sure don’t regret it, I still got an A! Hahaha! I love learning about everyone’s families and friends too. It has been so much fun to read everyone’s posts. Thanks so much for linking up!

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