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February Goals and a January Recap

Oh you guys, January is usually a month that I struggle with. I have been trapped inside, it seems to last a long time, and it just kind of drags on and on. However, this year I really embraced it and I don’t know if it has been because we were so busy, but this month seemed to go by fast and I’m not dreading winter right now. Here is a recap of my January goals…

  • Visit a new place…We went to a hockey game and you can see the post here.
  • Happy mail…done, I got a few cards out in the mail this month.
  • Start 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge…I am probably 1/2 way through with my list and hopefully will finish up in the month of February.
  • Read at least 2 books…I read two great books this month. You can see my book review here.
  • Walk 50 miles…I didn’t get in 50 but I did start working out again and it felt really good!
  • Have some people over… We had a couple of people over this month and it was a lot of fun.

Here are my goals for February…

  • Slow down and enjoy time at home… we do no have much on our schedule this month and I hope it stays that way. We are going to be wrapping up the majority of Maddi’s basketball season this weekend and hopefully we will have a some slow weekends. We have been going full speed since November and it will be nice to slow down.
  • Get outside more…The next two weeks look COLD, but hopefully we will have some nice sunny weather and can start spending some time outside, bike rides with the kids, walks, some basketball, maybe even get started on some spring yard work.
  • Plan ahead for spring lessons…I want to be prepped and ready for spring in the classroom. I want to get ahead and stay ahead.
  • Add some new themes for kindergarten…this goes along with the prior goal, but I want to add some new themes and lessons to spring this year. I really want to do an end of the year alphabet countdown, I have a grant out for an exciting science project in my class (hopefully I get the grant so I can share) and I also want to add in more about bugs, dinosaurs, and some ocean animals. I am hoping this keeps me going strong until the end of the year.
  • Have a Valentine’s Dinner for my family…we never go out for Valentine’s Day…after that day in the classroom I really don’t want to go out and be around a bunch of people, but I would like to have a fun meal for my family, one that they all love.
  • Look/buy a coffee table…I love painting furniture and redoing it. I am going to keep my eyes out for a good coffee table that I can re-paint. I am checking out Goodwill if I can’t find something there, I hopefully can find one during yard sale season.
  • Go golfing or to the driving range…My kids love going to the driving range. If we can’t get out on the course I hope to at least go to the driving range as a family.

…Lows from January…

Our bathroom sink faucet broke.

We have been gone so much I feel like our house kind of has taken the back burner as far as cleaning.

…Highs from January…

I was able to baptize two women from church who I simply adore.

Our trip to the Spokane Cheif’s hockey game.

What were your lows and highs for the month of January? I hope you have a very happy February!



17 thoughts on “February Goals and a January Recap

  1. Love your goals- one of my passions is setting goals and I love listing them out- crossing them off feels even better! Great goals- hope you can get outside to the range! A new indoor golf place just opened up here so I am going to try it with some friends next week 🙂

  2. That’s amazing about the baptisms! I hope you get some downtime at home this month. We either have a steak dinner and breakfast for dinner for Valentine’s day.

    1. I love that you have a steak dinner or breakfast! That would be so fun. I bet my family would love fancy waffles and some strawberries. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I love ❤❤ that you were able to baptize two women, what a blessing!! We need to take our girls to a hockey game, they would love that. And woohoo for working out!! I am sure once it warms up you will be able to get those 50 miles in!

    1. I cannot wait till it warms up and the sun comes back! Your girls would love a hockey game. Maddi was into it. We didn’t know any of the rules but it was fun to learn them!

  4. First and foremost- baptizing two ladies into Christ is incredible!!!! Congrats also on pretty much achieving everything on your January list. I love the idea of a Valentine dinner for your family! I’m on the look out for a coffee table too! Good luck on your search!

    1. I am really excited for the dinner, I don’t know what we are going to have but I hope to make it a little something special. I think maybe even getting my kids involved will be fun. Good luck on your coffee table search, I started looking this weekend and didn’t find anything!

  5. Oh my gosh, how special that you got to baptize two women! I’d be boo-hooing the whole way through it! haha I always tear up watching baptisms. I can’t imagine if I was the one performing it! And I love all your goals!! And can we talk about your handwriting for a minute? I can’t get over how neat and pretty it is. And the fact that you write down goals. I need to make an effort to do that. Goal 1 will be learning how to have pretty handwriting. 😉
    That Inspired Chick

    1. I always tear up during them as well. What a great showing of faith. You are making me laugh about my handwriting, it’s the teacher in me to have block letters. Hahaha! Oh, and always yes to writing down goals, I love crossing them off!

    1. I love that you guys have the same dinner each year. I love having a home meal that night. I hope you have a great week and I hope Trixie is doing better!

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