Spokane Cheifs Game Recap

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We have moved away from Birthday parties with the kids and have started giving them more of an experience. Guy’s Birthday was in November (fun fact, him and Brandon have the same Bithday…and Brandon’s step-dad and his step-dad’s dad….and no, I did not plan it). Anyways, in November Guy decided that he wanted to go to a Spokane Chief’s hockey game so we looked at all the sports schedules and this weekend was the one that was free. It was so much fun!

We rolled out of town around noon on Saturday…

We got checked into our hotel room and headed to an early dinner at our families favorite, Red Robin.

We did a little shopping and the kids rode escalators…which, when you live in a small town elevators and escalators are a big deal! Ha! So is going to a “real life mall”! Hahaha! It was time to head to the game. We had such great seats, we were in the second row, mid rink right above both teams benches so we could see watch the hockey players. We could also see across into the penalty box.

Guy also got to sit in the front row because a person who had season tickets started talking to us and explaining the rules of hockey and found it was our first game. He has some open seats and so Guy sat in the front. During one of the three period breaks (can you tell I don’t know much about hockey) everyone started throwing pucks out onto the ice, I ended up getting hit in the back with one, but it was so fun to watch. The crowd went crazy and it was raining pucks.

During another period break Boomer the mascot was out walking around and Guy put his hand up on the glass…well Boomer came up and put his paw against Guy’s hand…

Then this happened….

and then this happened…

and then this happened….

We ended up with rally towels too…

We got to see some fights, one player was knocked completely unconscious, and then we got to see a tie, an overtime tie and it ended in a shoot out. Spokane Chiefs ended up losing the game, but we walked away all feeling like winners. It was so much fun! I think we will be going to hockey games each year from now on. It was so fun and the kids both loved it.

We did too…

We are already looking forward to our next experience! I hope you have a great day.





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