Getting in More Time with God

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The other afternoon my kids were outside playing basketball with each other. I just stood back and listened and watched. They were laughing and talking and having such a fun time. After about 20 minutes they both got hungry for a snack and headed inside so I followed along behind and they both independently made their own snack, turned on a TV show and relaxed. Such a sigh of relief for a parent, my kids are gaining independence and doing things without me. However, in my heart I thought, wow, they don’t need me. They love spending time with me, they love hanging out and playing games and watching movies and doing all sorts of things as a family, but they don’t rely on me like they did when they were infants. How often is God just standing in the background while we go through our days. Do we rely on Him like we used to, or need to? Do we power through the days, trying to reach our own expectations, reaching our own goals, without much thought of God until we really need something. I used to do this. I used to treat God just like a vending machine, only turning to Him when I needed something. Keeping Him in a box. Shoot, Sunday’s weren’t even made for God, they were made for me to do whatever I wanted to on the weekend. I now strive every single day, and pray every single day to live in constant communion with Him. And really, all God wants from us is our time and for us to love one another.

Here are some easy ways I keep in constant communication with God…

Daily Quiet Time. I read my devotional and Bible each morning. I also journal each morning. This helps me align my heart to Him, focus my thoughts, and spend some time in prayer.


  • Prayer… before I even begin my prayer I take a little tip from Francis Chan. I think about what I want to pray about and WHO I am going to pray to. The creator of the universe. Setting my mind on God and who God is and how big He is really helps me prioritize my prayers. I pray throughout my day, but in the morning and right before bed I lay it all out.A Child's Prayer #LDS
  • At work…I am a teacher at a public school. Can I teach about God? Nope, but I sure can show my student’s Gods love, show them grace and mercy, and I can love my co-workers well. I can also pray in my heart and be constantly talking to God. I also have a little ring in my desk that I keep prayer requests wrote down on. God is welcome in my classroom at all time. Also, thanking God throughout my day helps me focus on the important things in my classroom.
  • Cleaning/House Work… While I am cleaning or doing dishes, turning on worship music (I like Sang on Sunday on Spotify) helps me give praise to God and focus my heart. Not only am I taking care of my family, I am also worshipping God. It sets a tone of thankfulness and contentment over my heart.
  • Laundry… Oh laundry. This summer I was in a Bible Study and one of the chapters was how to bless your family through the home. One of my friend mentioned that as she folded laundry she would pray over her family. I loved this and started doing this. I ask God to bless each person the day they wear their clothes, I thank God for my family, I ask specific prayer requests for my family members. I am able to focus my time on God while folding clothes.

How do you fit God into your day? How do you make time with Him? I would love to hear! Thank you so  much for reading.


22 thoughts on “Getting in More Time with God

  1. I love this and I definitely need to focus more on God, I get distraction but he should be my #1 priority!! Happy Monday sweets!

    1. Oh I get so distracted too Andrea! I know exactly what you mean. Good thing He knows our hearts and also understands when we get distracted!

    1. Heather, thank you! I am praying for you and your family as your kiddos head back to school this week!

  2. What a sweet, sweet post, Jenna. I love all the ways you make time to spend with God, but I think the one that almost brought me to tears is that despite not being able to teach about God in your school, you make a point to show the children God. I am certain you are an amazing teacher. Thank you for working with our future! Have a blessed week, friend.

    1. I try really hard to show them (my students) God every chance I get. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!

    1. The laundry idea has been so amazing. I love what God puts on my heart to pray about during that time. Plus, it makes me glad to do the chore well for my family!

  3. I go through times of great communication (having conversation with God in my car on the way to wherever) to not saying a peep but knowing He hears my heart. I love the laundry prayers. I believe I am going to put that in place! I could use some prayers this week if you think of it.

    1. Soooo good and true about having conversations but then staying quiet. I need to be better about that last one! Ha! I need to be a better listener. I will be praying for you! I have prayed for your job and that you feel at peace and your family has peace as well. Let me know if you need anything specific to be prayed for ( I will be your prayer warrior!

  4. What a great analogy of our kids getting older and our relation to the Lord. I will have to check out that station on Spotify. I like to listen to podcasts on my way to work to listen to devotions/sermons before I enter a non Christian workplace. Thanks for sharing this today!

    1. Oh Marilyn, I love the channel. I listen to podcasts a lot too. I like listening to them on my prep time or when my students are at recess just to refocus my mind. My favorites have been from Bethel Church lately. Whose sermons do you listen to?

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