Meal Planning Sunday #57


Happy Sunday! We have been in the process of decluttering our house and I thought this week we would declutter our fridge and pantry as well. I feel like the holidays left our cupboards and fridge full of random ingredients and food and so this week I took stock of all the excess and plan on using that for dinners, lunch and breakfast. I also have a late meeting on Tuesday and Thursday, and Maddi has basketball and an appointment this week. We are busy so I needed quick meals this week.


Nachos! We went to a football party yesterday and we have seven layer dip and all sorts of nacho toppings.


Pork chops and grilled veggies


Taco Tuesday!


Sandwiches…we have so many sandwich making material and everyone can get exactly what they want.


Grilled steaks and baked potatoes



Not a real fancy week, but a yummy week that will leave our fridge and pantry cleaned out and not with a lot of waste. What is on your meal plan this week?



2 thoughts on “Meal Planning Sunday #57

    1. OH I was going to make a meal plan and opened my fridge and thought no way am I shopping when we have all this crap in here. Hahaha! Seriously, we are making it just fine this week too. I do know that Saturday morning we will be needing some groceries though but at least things wont be wasted. We throw so much stuff away!

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