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19 Goals in ’19 and my OLW

Welcome to Jen and I’s first link-up for “Show Your…” Today we are sharing our goals and resolutions for 2019.

If you have been a reader here for a little bit, you know I love goals. I set them each month. I try to set my goals based on my resolutions and this helps me stay focused on different goals I would like to accomplish throughout the year. You can see my January Goals here. Here are some goals that I have heading into 2019…

  1. 40 Bags in 40 Days…Y’all, I am in a decluttering mood and so is Brandon. I feel like if it isn’t hammered down to our floor it might go into the garbage. I made a list of several places I would like to clean out and re-organize around my house in the past month and now I am all about getting rid of stuff. So far we are 13 bags in.
  2. Send happy mail...My friend Tanya sent me the sweetest card in December and it just made my day. I want to continue this each month. Thanks for the inspiration Tanya!
  3. Visit a new place each month… A blogger who I adore (Dara ) is always going on fun outings with her family. They are always going on fun trips or visiting their local places. This year I want to go on more adventures and find new places with my family. Each month I want to go somewhere new!
  4. Focus on marriage… Brandon and I are both feeling called to speak about the importance of Godly marriage. We already have an opportunity to do so, and hope this is just part of a ministry. We also started a small group focusing on marriage and family in our church that will begin in January.
  5. Be continuously in a Bible Study… This year I want to be in a Bible study throughout the entire year.
  6. Read 2 books each month…I love reading and feel like it really took a backseat this year. I am so excited to replace TV with books. I also think that this goal seems do-able for me and my family’s busy schedule.
  7. One house project each month… The first project we are going to complete is 40 bags, the second might be an office or a laundry room update.
  8. Spend more time outside…We live in such a beautiful area and we are outside a lot, but I think I want to push us to be outside even more. Fishing, flying kites, going on bike rides or hikes, sitting in our backyard, whatever it is, I just want to be outside more.
  9. 50 miles each month… I love walking and running but since school has started that has went on the back burner. I was getting in a lot of miles this summer and need to get back on the fitness train. I always feel so much better and it is something I enjoy doing.
  10. Work on my photography...I want to use my real camera more this year. I love taking pictures and want to get better at it.
  11. Social media...I do not do Facebook but I want to start promoting this blog via Instagram and Pintrest. Maybe host a give-away or two.
  12. Faith Over Fear…you guys, I second guess myself all the time. Fear really holds me back from promoting my blog to speaking. I want to start facing some of my fears and putting myself out there more. Anyone else like that?
  13. One-on-one time with the kids each month… family time is something Brandon and I feel very strongly about. This year we are going to alternate months with the kids and do something one-on-one with them. This month I am going to do something alone with Maddi and Brandon is going to do something with Guy…next month we switch kids. We have a really strong family unit, but who doesn’t love some one-on-one time?
  14. Invite people in…we love having people over and hospitality is something I love. We just want to be “that house” that our kid’s friends come to all the time, where we can feed kids and leave them with a little glimpse of Jesus. A home where we can build relationships with everyone and everyone feels welcome to come as they are.
  15. Say “no” more to others and “yes” more to myself…If you remember my People Pleaser post and how I worked on Stopping the People Pleaser Trap, saying “no” is hard for me to do. It comes down to faith over fear, and not letting other’s expectations drive my decision.
  16. Be on a podcast…oh my gosh, yep, just put that big dream out there but I did. Ha! This is one of those far-fetched resolutions and goals that I don’t know if it will come true, but if it does…dream come true!
  17. Prayer and Gratitude journal each day…this summer I spent a lot of time writing down my prayers and I love seeing how God has answered so many of those prayers BIGGER than I could even imagine (like praying for a youth minister for our church and we now have a youth program, or Brandon’s mission trip to be funded and it was funded). God is so good! I am also a firm believer in keeping a gratitude journal so when I go through storms I can look back at gratefulness. I am using my friend Erin has an amazing journal that I have been using.
  18. Embrace Valentine’s Day…this might sound funny, if you know me at work you know I have had some pretty strong words about Valentine’s Day. See wild class, Valentines not making it into the correct envelopes (because the kids get so excited that they just start putting random cards in random envelopes and don’t know to check for the name), big balloon bouquets and flower arrangements that interrupt the entire class, it’s the perfect storm. Ha! That could be a post all on it’s own…but this day has always been one that just exhausts me. This year I am going to embrace it and not be negative about it. I actually have some fun little things planned for my family!
  19. Keep my car clean… Seriously, I am always having to move something off the seat or pick up who knows what from the floor in the backseat where my kids sit. It is always messy and I need to get more control over it. Ha! I know I can’t be alone!

My OLW or My One Little Word for the year is going to be….


In November I started praying over my word and what I wanted to focus on. Cultivate, faith over fear, growth, intentional, all were words that floated around my head. Bold was said every week at church during the sermon, and God just kept making that word stand out. This year, I am going to be bold. I am going to push past fear, I am going to say “yes” and I am going to put myself out there.

This verse is going to be my mantra for 2019…

The Spirit gives us power, love, and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7 | A.D. The Series

Another part of this post was…where do you want to be in 5 years…I want to be sitting at home on a Friday night at around 11 PM with Brandon and a basement full of teenagers feeding them pizza, cookies and snacks after a football game and talking to them all about their lives and dreams. I want to be “that house” where all the kids feel welcome to come as they are and feel loved when they come in. I want to be speaking about God’s love, grace, and mercy, how to be a Godly wife and mom, and drawing people closer to God.

What are your resolutions? Where do you want to be in 5 years? Click the InLinkz button below and link-up! I would love to hear your goals and dreams. Thank you so much for reading today!



20 thoughts on “19 Goals in ’19 and my OLW

    1. I agree Crystal. I love the thought of it and the best part, it doesn’t have to cost anything. I am excited to hit up some hiking trails this spring and summer.

  1. Beautiful goals Jenna! I love the bold one about the podcast so much. I worked yesterday gathering all my notes to finish up my word of the year post and my Mac crashed last night. Literally wrote in my prayers yesterday for direction as to where my focus should be this year…hope this wasn’t my big sign the blog is not it lol.

    1. AHHH! I hope you computer is getting fixed. I also hope that it was not a big sign that your blog is not your focus, I love your blog! I need outfit inspiration and home decorating ideas and teen parenting! 🙂 I hope you have a great week!

  2. Love your OLW! What great goals. I always love reading all about your monthly goals. It’s one of my favorite posts that you share. Thanks for hosting this link-up, and I’m praying big things for you and your family in 2019!

    1. Thank you so much Britt! You have been such an encouragement in everything. I appreciate you so much!

  3. Thank you for the shout out! I love that I inspired you and I love that goal, plus your others! Tanya sent me a card too and it really made me happy! If you want to work on your photography, I recommend joining 52 Frames! It has really gotten me more creative and better at some skills this year!

    1. I loved those cards she sent. It was so sweet and thoughtful. I love all the experiences you have had with your family and think it is so much fun how much you get out and go on adventures. I am going to have to check out the 52 frames, where can I find the information?

  4. I want to send more happy mail too. I love that idea and getting something sweet in the mail. I love that Dara goes somewhere new all the time. I need to do that with my girls as well. Love your goals!!!

    1. Dara is such an inspiring mom. I love how she is all about the experiences! I also am super excited for the mail goal. I cannot wait to get my ducks in a row and get stuff sent out! I hope you are having a great week!

  5. Wow those are a lot of goals – I salute you! Being outside, visiting new places – can only enrich your life. HOW will you find the time to do it all? You do sound very determined – I really wish you all the best. My post was the yin to your yan – you will probably laugh when you read it. I sound like an old lady haha. I am really looking forward to following your journey. Thank you for the link up – it was nice to put some thought into a new topic. P.S. I am sure you have already achieved the ‘welcoming home’ goal – you are one of the most welcoming bloggers there are! Go for it promoting your blog – but you don’t need a giveaway – you just need to be yourself 🙂 J xx

    1. I tried really hard to think of goals that I could do year round and with some of the goals, I know when I will get them done. And I can add some to my monthly goals. I LOVED reading your post! LOVED IT! So much truth and it was so good to read! I am so happy to have connected with you through blogging and really appreciate your friendship and encouragement!

  6. I love this post so much. We have a few similar goals! love your OLW. I have the same fears that you do about sharing my blog. But over the past year, I have really tried to push those fears aside.

    1. Heather, I am so glad that you have had those same fears and have pushed them aside. I don’t know why I let fear hold me back. I need to get over it. Fear can really get to me. I think a daily reminder to be bold will be good for me. I loved that we had similar goals!

  7. I loved hearing all of your goals, and thanks for the shout out. 🙂 Also, your goal for 5 years from now is what we are really trying to do right now. It makes me so happy when we are hosting the kids’ friends over here. Have a great week!

    1. Thank you for the cute card! That made my week. I am excited to have a house full of kids and hope that they all want to hang out here. Hahaha!

  8. Haha. I’m cracking up over your #1. That is EXACTLY how I feel right now. I’m ready to throw every single thing in the trash. Hahahaha. And I love love LOVE your word. It would be good for me to do that, too. I always let fear hold me back. I might have to borrow that word for next year!

    1. I am so horrible about talking myself out of things because of fear. It can be paralyzing. I need to let go of the fear and “what if’s” and just go for it. Use that word too!

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