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Januray Goals and a December Recap

Oh monthly goals, how I love them. They keep me on track to complete my resolutions each year and they also help me get things done. I feel accountable because not only do I write them down, but I also share them so I feel like I have to complete at least a couple of them. I will be sharing my resolutions for 2019 and my word of the year on Thursday. Come back to link up each month with me and Jen

Let’s look back at December…

  • Read 3 books. I did a lot of reading this month and also started my 2019 book list!
  • Workout 3 times a week…this did not even come close to happening. Hello 2019!
  • Start content planning for next year…I have started planning and writing down all sorts of ideas. Something I want to talk more about and be more of a witness to is marriage. Brandon and I are still married by the grace of God. Our marriage was almost over, should have been over,  and without God and his grace our family would have been crumbled (not recently, our marriage is BETTER and STRONGER than ever before…don’t worry family members you don’t have to breathe into a paper bag). I have felt a powerful nudge to start sharing more about marriage through the blog and speaking (Oh yeah, speaking of speaking…Brandon and I are both working on this and speaking about marriage together and we have a life group focused marriage and family) because it is so important and so hard, and I know if we have had struggles, others have as well. And if you are thinking divorce is your only way out, PLEASE let me pray for you, PLEASE don’t call it quits and PLEASE don’t give up. Email me and let me pray for you!
  • Plan New Years Eve and Christmas Break…We have had the most relaxing break and wonderful Christmas filled with friends and family, time at home, a Harry Potter marathon, and so much goodness!
  • Rest, Relax, and Reflect… I am heading into this New Year rested and recharged and ready to take on 2019!

Here is a look at January’s goals…

  • Visit a new place…We have some fun plans this year and that includes new places and experiences!
  • Happy mail…I want to send at least two pieces of snail mail this month.
  • Start 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge…I have my list of places to de-clutter this month all wrote out and I have the bags to get rid of junk. I am ready for a refresh and to tackle some clutter projects around the house.
  • Read at least 2 books…I want to read “The Last Mrs. Parrish” and “It’s Not Supposed to be this Way”. I also have started my 2019 book list.
  • Walk 50 miles…Every single month. I just feel better when I am walking or running consistently and I need to get back into the routine. This school year stopped me from working out and I never got back on track since summer.
  • Have some people over…I want to open the doors to our home this year and invite people in. Game nights, sports, whatever, I want my table to be a church and a place I serve and love people!

What are your goals for January?


14 thoughts on “Januray Goals and a December Recap

  1. I’ve saved the new linkup and will look forward to joining you guys! I love your January goals and I totally agree…feels so good to get rid of crap! One of my goals this year is to definitely celebrate my home and not have one single box of crap just hanging around.

    1. I love that goal Shelly! Celebrating our homes is so important to build contentment. Also, yes to dumping all the crap!

  2. Eek! Girl…shew, can I ever relate to your marriage advice. Our marriage completely fell 100%, and it’s only by the grace if God that we are where we are. Hallelujah! Keep on being a goal-getter, friend! Happy New Year

    1. Isn’t God SOOOO good?!?! It’s amazing how when we come to our breaking points He picks us all up and puts everything back together and makes it better than ever? Love you lady!

  3. I love your January goals and the fact that you are obeying God and helping us others in their marriage. We have had our struggles too and I always think make my mess, my message. So excited to read and hear what you have to say!

    1. Oh amen! God can make something SO good out of the messes we make and I just want His glory seen. I am also so glad to do this with Brandon.

    1. I am so excited for both of those goals. I need to be more intentional about reaching out to people. That is a hard one for me!

  4. I love these posts so much that I’ve decided to start similar ones in 2019 for myself. It’s always inspiring to see what other people accomplish! And girl, I did the decluttering thing this past year and I loved it so much I’m doing it again… only this time on a smaller scale since I’ve already done it once. You are going to feel amazing when it’s done!

    1. I am so excited for your goal posts Lindsay! I agree, it is always so fun and inspiring to see what everyone gets done and also what people set out to do. I LOVED when you did the decluttering thing last year! I can’t wait to see what all you do this year!

    1. Oh I LOVE It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way. I love it, I have cried through it. I had to slow down because I just want to soak it all in!

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