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Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our Christmas home! I love home tours and I love Christmas. We have been decking our halls and enjoying all the twinkling lights. Welcome in…


I hung these bows with command hooks on our old farm windows. I also spy our little elf.


I got this snowman several years ago from a craft bazar.


I love this little table…


I love these little string lights to add to garlands and vases and lanterns.



This advent calendar is where we place little treats each day for the kids.


And I love the sparkly garland above the big window.


Moving on to the tree. You will notice that the ornaments are low and there are no ornaments on the back of the tree. I let the kids decorate the tree however they want and I don’t fix it. One day I will have a picture perfect tree, but until then I will savor the times when the ornaments didn’t reach the top and the kids hung four or five ornaments on each branch.


I got this sign last year at Home Goods.


My grandma hand chalked/painted the nativity scene. I was gifted the set after she passed away and treasure it so much.


You can’t tell but that garland is lit and I love putting old timey red and white balls in my cake plate.


I also have a random assortment of fun boxes and signs.


I kept things simple in the kitchen…


We love eating off of our Christmas plates and dishes.


The dining room is pretty simple as well…


These lanterns were from Costco last year and are so pretty!


Also, both of these items are from Costco and are each several years old.


I decorate with things that are old, some things I had growing up, some things Brandon had growing up, I love pulling out these treasures and reminiscing about Christmas and seeing the magic through my kids eyes. Do you decorate with things from your childhood or is it all new? Merry Christmas!



20 thoughts on “Christmas Home Tour

  1. I love Christmas home tours! We are hosting a “Deck the Halls” link-up on the 12th so come by my blog then and link up this post!! Your Christmas décor is beautiful. Aren’t twinkle lights the best? I can’t get enough of them. I love that you let the kids decorate the tree however they wanted. I let Mason help me this year and I didn’t move anything he placed. I loved it and so did he! Your tree looks gorgeous and so perfect!

    1. I will definitely be stopping by your link-up! I cannot wait to see everyone’s homes all decked out. Brandon and I laugh about the tree, it’s front heavy but they are so proud of it!

  2. I have a mix of old and new. I love that you have your kids decorate the tree and just leave it. Designer type trees are gorgeous, but I like sentimental trees most of all.

    1. I agree with your sentiments towards the Christmas trees. I love how the kids have so many memories and they love looking at all the memories and ornaments. So much fun! I love that you have a mix of old and new as well!

    1. Thank you Lindsay! I love that little advent calendar. We still have the little ones with chocolate, but this one I like to put in chapsticks or bath bombs, chocolates, just little fun treats and surprises.

  3. Your house looks so cosy! Such a lovely selection of decorations – I love the snow globe and advent the most – and the view out of your window framed by the garland – so lovely! I’d love to see an instastory of your walking out and about in your neighbourhood xx

    1. Oh thank you Joanne. I will have to do an insta story of that. It is so funny because the mountains and river is something I take for granted. I will do that sometime soon!

    1. Thank you Shan! The cabinet was Brandon’s aunts china hutch, I popped the glass out and painted it all up. I love to repurpose and paint furniture!

    1. Mine to Shelly! We spend so much time outside when the weather warms up, I do miss being outside, but am thankful for twinkle lights inside!

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