A Hot Random Mess for Wednesday

I feel a brain dump happening today…brace yourself!

  • Madd is 10 and in full-on “tween” mode and some days I don’t know how I am going to handle the teen years. I mean this with love, but really, home girl can roll her eyes and I swear I hear a noise. Last week she said “I don’t want to wear any of these clothes” (with a lot of attitude thrown in her voice and a big loud sigh) and then told me that I hadn’t washed her clothes (which were all over her closet). I feel like Brandon and I are kind of flying by the seats of our pants during this stage, and although a united front, we don’t know quite what we are in for in some days.
  • I did seek advice from a mom who is raising teenage boys and she said the most important thing for Brandon and I to be “lovingly consistent through their inconsistent” and to set the bar high because the waters are being tested right now and to remember Guy is watching all of this play out. Now that advice was gold.
  • I had the best of intentions to do a photo challenge this month and completed day one. Just day one.
  • Teacher nerds…my best friend Tara and I got together for coffee yesterday afternoon and we could talk for hours about teaching and families. Time with her is priceless. She fills my cup and is always encouraging.
  • Guy wanted to go to a hockey game instead of having a Birthday party in November so we just got everything scheduled and I never knew we could all be so excited. It is going to be so much fun. Experiences are the best gift.
  • I am craving all the cookies right now and can’t seem to get my butt in gear to workout…AHHH!
  • Brandon and I are starting a new life group at church for families and married couples, you guys, I am terrified. I feel God stretching me in this and I know this is in His will, but boy is it intimidating to me. So if you wouldn’t mind praying for this, I would greatly appreciate it.
  • You guys, I do not have my stuff together this week. I have forgotten to send Maddi to school with her popsicle sticks for a project in math…she needs 100. I forgot to complete Guy’s reading log…
  • Speaking of forgetting…I forgot to move my classroom elf last night so at 9:00 Brandon and I went to my classroom to move the classroom elf (Rudolph). Why did Brandon go with me you ask? Because I am a BIG chicken (It’s scary to go into a dark school at night) and I can’t move Rudolph before school because I have Maddi and Guy with me…
  • Speaking of the Elf…my friend’s daughter was carrying one around like it was no big deal and said it “was a stuffed animal” and Maddi and Guy FREAKED OUT…so I told them that she killed it. YEP! I really said that she was packing around a dead elf…not my proudest mom moment but I froze and couldn’t think of anything else to say. Palm to the face.

Now that was a random mess…thanks for sticking around through those confessions. I hope you have it together a little more than I do! Have a great day!


22 thoughts on “A Hot Random Mess for Wednesday

  1. Eek! This was our first time being a part of a small group, and Joe was the instructor. Some tips I’ve learned through the months…
    1. At the first meeting, determine what days you can meet realistically. We meet every Sunday night at 5:30, but we had a few Sundays that just didn’t work for everyone. Those were ‘off weeks.’
    2. Have sign-up papers ready for the next week for food. If people sign up ahead, they will consistently bring.
    3. Do not try to do it all yourselves. You’ll burn out quickly!
    4. Relax! There is no perfect formula for small group.

    If you need any other help, message me!! I’ll be praying for y’all!!

    1. So much good stuff right here Britt! Thank you so much! I love all the tips. You are going to be my go-to person! Are you doing a bible study right now in your group?

  2. Jenna. This might be one of my favorite posts ever!! It is unapologetically REAL life and sometimes we just need to dump all our “stuff” out. I love this!! I love you. It’s December. Eat the holiday cookies we’ll work them off in January! ❤️

    1. Sometimes we just gotta dump out that garbage. Hahahaha! It’s not all roses over here but it is pretty funny sometimes (after the frustration leaves!)

  3. So I changed up things with our elf this year. The letter than accompanied Kringle said he can be touched and can travel. By doing this, it really opened up the fun things we were able to do. And by we I mean me because I’m responsible for that dang thing.

    1. I am with you on all the ideas and what I want to do with our elf. And if I am being honest, by the time it is time to move George, I have lost all creativeness and energy. Hahaha!

  4. LOL! I loved all of the randomness – especially the dead elf part!!!! Teenagers can be SUCH a challenge to live with…but they will come around! I have a 16 year old daughter and her and I are the best of friends now and it certainly has not always been that way! Keep the faith!

    1. I am so glad that you and your daughter are best of friends. That is such encouraging news to read! The days are long and years are short. I just have to remember to be consistent and not take it personal. AH!

  5. I’m with you, I forgot to send Simon a snack yesterday! As far as raising teens / tweens, I’m with you on that too. They are very similar to toddlers I’ve found!

  6. I love that quote “being consistent through their inconsistent.” I could apply that right now in my life! Praying for God’s guidance as you bless these families in your new life group. Also I wouldn’t blame you not wanting to go into a dark school without someone! You never know these days! Thanks for sharing your heart Jenna 🙂

    1. I loved that piece of advice too. So practical and something I can repeat to myself in my head while she is rolling her eyes. Ha!

  7. You are cracking me up!! I have zero poker face and can totally see myself saying she killed the elf. I will certainly pray for you & huge and it will grow you big to step outside your comfort zone. Experiences over parties..YES! And tweens…oh how much advice I have for parenting tweens. My biggest…learn not to take things personal for sure. And I can tell you 100% how I would have handled the clothes situation….it would no longer be my fault because she would be in charge of her own laundry!

    1. Shelly, I covet and NEED any and all advice. Hahaha! And yes, she is now in charge of her laundry. Hahahaha! I think she realized she had it pretty good. And we are all very excited for the hockey game! We have never been!

  8. We have two older boys and our daughter just turned 12 and kids this age are tough! 🙂 I can tell you, in my limited experience, this period is short lived. Thank goodness! I loved reading about the dead elf – I actually laughed out loud! Thanks for sharing, don’t be too hard on yourself!

    1. I am SO glad to hear that it is short lived. The dead elf was so funny and I couldn’t believe that I said that! Hahahaha! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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