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Brandon’s Mission Trip {Puerto Rico}

On November 2nd, Brandon left for 12 days to Puerto Rico on a mission trip through our church. This trip focused on hurricane relief from Hurricane Maria. Hurricane Maria was the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since 2004 with 3,057 fatalities. Our church partnered with other four-square churches, we were the 18th mission team in 13 months from the four square church. Brandon answered some questions and shared pictures from his trip with us today, just in case a mission trip is on your heart.

What calling did you have to go on the mission trip?

I just felt that there was something bigger in life. I just felt God telling me to get out of my comfort zone and help people. 

How did the team prepare for the mission tip?

We fundraised and had multiple team building meetings and logistical meetings. 

How did you see God working to prepare you for the trip?

There was the financial support, we raised our own funds, and then had a yard sale through the church where all proceeds went to the mission trip. We were able to cover everyone’s cost from the yard sale. God provides!

The team He put together from our church was one of the biggest ways we all saw Him provide. We all got along great, all had different skills, and we didn’t lack anything.

What was the lowest part of the mission trip?

Missing my family.

What was the highest part of the mission trip?

The Sunday service in the church (that we just completed) was by far the icing on the cake. It was also an answer to our prayers to be there when a project was completed.

Where did God stretch you the most?

In my comfort level from being away from my family and home, in a country that doesn’t speak much English.

What kind of work did you do? Where did you do it?

We worked at a church whose roof had blown off in Caguas. We installed ceiling tiles, lite electrical work, drywall, door installation, painting, flooring, installed AC units and completed, we built a covered awning on the front of the church. 

We completed the church which also allowed their children’s ministry to restart. 

Who should go on a mission trip?

I think if you have an interest, or it is placed on your heart in any way, you should go on a trip. There are places in your own hometown, inside the U.S., and all over the world that need help. Your trip can be as big or as small as you want. If you feel any calling at all to go, you should go. God will provide the way, He just needs you to say “yes”.  

Did you get to “play” at all?

Yes, we got to go to the beach, ziplining, check out some local sights cuisine. 

Speaking of food, what did you eat that was different?

Pig knuckles, which they call Pig Paws (they were actually really good), lots and lots and lots of rice, and fresh fruit that you cannot even imagine the taste of (like a banana). 

Would you ever go on one again?

Yes, but I would want my family to go or a little shorter time.

Did you get to witness to anyone?

We were told we were an answer to someone’s specific prayer. That was powerful. Another way we were able to witness, two other churches had went to this specific location prior to our team and all three teams brought different tools and resources and it was always perfect and needed for what needed done. Obviously, it was designed by God.

I felt like I was the one having work done to me and that they were a bigger blessing to me. It just showed me how big God really is. 

Brandon has always said that going on this mission trip showed him how big God is to not only provide all funding and lining this trip up, to how He lined up the work and the teams, and the people they were able to meet. He also said that Puerto Rico has a long ways to go before being put back together. It’s easy to forget that as time goes on.

Isaiah 49:6 Adhesive Paint StencilI hope that you enjoyed this post. My prayer for you, if you are feeling a calling to go on a mission trip, go. Thank you so much for reading today.


13 thoughts on “Brandon’s Mission Trip {Puerto Rico}

    1. Erin, your heart is so big and yes, I think what you are doing in China is very much a mission trip. I feel like my mission field is my family and home right now, but maybe one day God will open my heart to go somewhere and serve.

    1. I am so glad he was able to go too! What a life changing experience. It made me appreciate all we have!

  1. What an amazing mission trip! It breaks my heart that Puerto Rico is still recovering from that horrible hurricane but it is great that so many churches have gone in to help and witness to the locals. I can’t wait to take my girls on a mission trip one day!

    1. The pictures he was showing me were so heartbreaking. I think something that was so amazing to me was how big God is and the plans he has and His perfect timing, with all the teams going down and sending the right teams for the right jobs. God is so good! Where would you like to go? Out of the country?

    1. I am so proud of him too. I have no desire to go on one yet, but I know that will probably change because God is probably up there laughing at me…like “girl, you don’t even know what I have planned for you!” Hahaha! He has been stretching me a lot lately. Where would you like to go on your mission trip?

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