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December 2018 Goals

Oh boy, December is here! Well technically, not until Saturday but it’s here in my heart. I am so excited for all the fun to be had. I am also excited to have goals that will keep me focused and organized all month as well.

First up, a little recap of November…


  • Start wrapping and finish Christmas shopping… I should be finished this weekend or early next week! Woohoo!
  • Christmas cards ready to be mailed by December 1st….Nope!
  • Serve as a family… We had a lot of fun doing different things this month together. One of the most fun and rewarding service acts we did this month was packing and delivering Thanksgiving meals to people in need. The kids loved doing this. I am so happy to keep the spirit going! I don’t want service to be a thing we want to check off a to-do list, like monthly goals. I want service to be a way of life.
  • Get back to health… I have been eating very healthy, cutting out snacks, limiting soda, and focusing on food.
  • Oil changes…see my highs and lows from the month below…also, I do need to get the oil changed in my car.
  • Christmas decorations inside and outside completed… I need to finish the garland inside and outside and then we will be finished up! I will be sharing our Christmas home tour next week!

Now onto December, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

  • Read 3 books. I am so excited to curl up with some good books this winter.
  • Workout 3 times a week…Now that I am back to eating healthy I need to carve out three days a week to workout. This seems do-able this time of year for me.
  • Start content planning for next year…I have a fun new monthly link up starting in 2019, I am also thinking of hosting a link up for monthly goal posts as well. Also, just planning what I want next year to look like on this little space. What do you all want to see more of on here? Let me know in the comments please!
  • Plan New Years Eve and Christmas Break…We have never been ones to celebrate big on NYE but Brandon and I have been talking about some fun new traditions we would like to start. Also, having some fun plans during Christmas Break!
  • Rest, Relax, and Reflect

Lows from November…

  • Brandon was on a mission trip for 12 days at the beginning of the month. The trip was not a low, but having him gone for that long was!
  • Brandon got back from the mission trip and his truck had broke down. I always know it is bad when my farmer can’t fix it and so this was bad. He got estimates from a couple of different places and they all said the same thing…$9,000-$12,000 to fix or $20,000 at the Ford dealership…NO THANKS!

Highs from November…

  • The farmer got a new truck. Hahaha! Well, new to us, and it is SO nice!
  • Brandon and I both baptized people!
  • After Thanksgiving dinner we walked around a Christmas light park, put up our Christmas tree at home and watched a Christmas movie. It was a great night to usher in the season!

So I do have a very important question, what would you like to see more of in 2019? What are your goals for December? Do you like to set goals in December? I hope you have a great day and thank you so much for taking the time to read here today!


14 thoughts on “December 2018 Goals

    1. I am so excited to see how this journal is working out for you. I am loving my new planner for next year because it has a little to-do section as well. I am going to take advantage of that!

  1. I love that you added highs and lows to your goals post!! I had a goals post planned for
    today too and then my website ran out of space. I need to get that figured out soon!!

    1. That just sucks that it ran out of space. I am kind of excited for the highs and lows! 🙂 I can’t wait to read your goals for the month!

  2. I love the highs and lows. I think it’s always good to spend the time to reflect on the good & not so great! I love keeping up with you being a #goalgetter over here! Keep it up, mama!!

    1. I agree Britt! I think it is so true about reflecting. I am trying harder to be a little more thoughtful and intentional with everything. I can so often just blow things to cross them off a list that I forget to be in the moment or to reflect. I am trying to work on that!

    1. I shop year round, but save a couple of the kids gifts until the end (because they change their mind on toys…hahaha!). But I am really excited to be close to being done and I can’t wait to start wrapping…I like doing that when everyone is in bed and I can turn on a Hallmark movie. Happy Friday Lindsay!

  3. Ugh I’m sorry about the truck!! I enjoyed reading your highs and lows- you know how to look for the silver lining! That’s awesome you had the opportunity to baptize others! That takes the gold 🙂

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