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Thanksgiving 2018

We had the sweetest little Thanksgiving this year. We didn’t have everyone, due to illnesses but we still had a house full and our hearts were all full.

We actually kicked off Thanksgiving on Wednesday. We have a half day of school and I was able to sneak into Guy’s classroom for his feast with the first graders. He was the cutest pilgrim.

After school I took the kids out for some burgers.

Once we were home it was all hands on deck for the cooking to get underway. I made my Simple Cranberry Sauce, prepped all the sides (green bean casserole, homemade rolls, sweet potatoes, , and made some Pumpkin Cheesecake.

On Thanksgiving morning we always have breakfast sandwiches and watch the Macy’s parade.


We even snuck in a family picture.


Our guests started arriving and I had the cutest gravy whisker I could ask for.


We had a great feast with a big spread.

After everyone left we loaded up the car, dropped some leftovers off at my grandparents house (my grandma was really sick so it was a quick drop) and then we went to the lighted Christmas park to walk around and burn off dinner.


When we got home the tree went up.

We got into our jammies and watched Elf and then went to bed.


We had a great day. There is so much to be thankful for. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!


14 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2018

    1. I love that we have the same writing. Hahaha! I don’t know what it is, but I love looking at people’s writing. We are loving this season already and taking it all in. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family!

  1. That sounds like the best Thanksgiving to me!!! I love it, so sorry your grandma is under the weather but that looks like a delicious feast and the leftovers I am sure brightened her spirits.

    1. We had such a fun day. I love having everyone over. My cousin who plays baseball in college took most of the leftovers home with him! Hahaha! I was so happy to send them with him!

  2. I loved hearing about your traditions! I think the part I’d have most enjoyed would have been the breakfast sandwiches while watching the Macy’s parade – it is one of those things I’ve only ever seen on TV in a film of people watching it on a tv haha! Those lights were so magical! We don’t have anything like that hear here. I hope your Grandma is feeling better x

    1. I love that part about watching people, watch the parade on a film. The trees are so neat and they have a big tunnel that you can walk through that changes colors and a dancing tree that lights move to the beat of the music. It is so much fun. My grandma is feeling much better, thank you! Have a great weekend Joanne!

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