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Weekend Recap…Veterans Day Weekend

This weekend was just what the doctor ordered. We had a long weekend and it was so nice.

I wrapped up my parent-teacher conferences on Friday afternoon and look at all the amazing books my students got our classroom from the Book Fair! I am SO beyond grateful for books!

Friday night the kids went to their friends house I went out to dinner with their mama. After dinner, Maddi and Guy and I went to ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

On Saturday we took advantage of wall flowers being on sale at BBW and Guy also wrote his wish list for Santa which included an Xbox One and a dirt bike.

We went and drooled looked at cowboy boots too.

We came home from running errands and I made a double batch of my Soft Bake Gingersnaps for church the next day!

Sunday is always for church.

Guy was Moses in Sunday school. One of my favorite Bible stories is Moses lifting up his staff and as long as he was raising his staff the Isrealites would be winning the battle. Well, Moses’ arms began to get weak and they began to lose the battle, his brother and friend came and helped him lift his arms and hold the staff. Guy was Moses and his two buddies were helping him hold a baseball bat. I LOVED it and the retelling from my little Moses.

Sunday night was for relaxing and recharging.

Monday was spent watching Hallmark Christmas movies, more reading, and relaxing.

I hope you had a great weekend!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap…Veterans Day Weekend

  1. Oh sweet friend, so happy you enjoyed a Hallmark Day yesterday and I need to make those gingersnaps to enjoy with my tea while movie watching!! I be Guy was the most precious Moses portrayer ever!!!

  2. I need to know more about this book you are reading! I’ve done Anne Voskamps book two years in a row and I’m looking for something else this Christmas season. We don’t have a baskin robbins here anymore but oh man…just reading that made me crave some daquiri ice!

    1. Shelly, it is so good! It is called “Loving My Actual Christmas” by Alexcandra Kuykendall. She writes down her thoughts like they are journal entries each day. Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace as well as things like relationships, money are all covered. She takes it all back to Jesus. I have really liked it. OHHH Daquiri ice. I used to work at B and R in high school and that is a top seller!

  3. We have book fair this week and I’m working the sale 2 days and hope that I can hold out and not buy every last book while I’m there. I am hoping C’s teacher has a wish list that I can shop from because I would love to add some books to her classroom collection.

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