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Acts of Kindness for your Family

I always smile when I hear the phrase “Random Acts Kindness”. If you are in fact planning a random act of kindness, it is very intentional. I love spreading a little cheer and kindness. I think the world we live in needs more intentional acts of kindness.

One thing that we are on a mission for is serving others. Brandon and I have been doing a lot of talking lately about how we can serve together as a family. I want to instill in my kids a heart for serving others and being a good neighbor. I want them to see us having fun and learning from others. Often, when we serve, we are the ones being served. One of my goals this month was to serve as a family. I thought I would share with you a list of ideas that you can do together as a family, but also year round. I don’t want to serve only at the holidays, I want to serve year round!


What are your thoughts? What are you feeling passionate about? How are you spreading kindness? What would you add to this list? I want more ideas so we can spread the love and kindness year round.


16 thoughts on “Acts of Kindness for your Family

  1. This is SO good! I bleieve if each person consistently gave intentional acts of kindness soon serving would become almost second nature and then the world would truly see random acts of kindness. As a teacher, I see the need in children to observe more kindness from the everyday adults in their life. I’m guilty myself of focusing on my own family and not serving others. Great reminder today Jenna! ❤️

  2. I did this during the summer with the kids and it really seemed to have an impact on them, just doing a few RAKS here and there. I still try to incorporate some kind of random act of kindness into each day, especially when they’re around. We have many opportunities when we’re leaving the car line to be kind and let someone pull out in front of us, so we make sure to do that every single day. The kids LOVE that! And they always talk about how that person is going to hopefully go pay it forward and start a whole long chain of random acts of kindness. <3

  3. Amen to that! My sweet boy has a servant’s heart and it just melts me! These are all such great ways to serve others and to offer Random Acts of Kindness. I think it’s so important to teach your children this!

    1. I love that Mason has a servants heart. It is such a fun thing to see come out in our kids. I needed to be more intentional with this in the past with my kids and like you said, it is so important to teach our kiddos this!

  4. These are all lovely but the visiting the grandparents one has to be the best for me. I LOVED mine so much and miss them to this day, each day. Older family members and friends can get forgotten, but they spend so much time thinking about us, more than we think – and they are always there. They’ve had their time rushing around and they have an amazing ability to just be present for others – maybe that is something we could all do to serve others? Really listen and be there, without distractions.

    1. SO true Joanne! Visiting grandparents is so important. You are so right, they think about us. I also love how you spoke about them having time to actually “be”. So wise and so true!

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