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Halloween 2018

I hope you all had a great and wonderful Halloween! We had such a great day and Halloween lasted all day long! It was so much fun.

Maddi is in 5th grade choir and had her first concert yesterday. It is called the Monster Mash and it is always one of the most favorite assemblies for all the students. The only kids allowed to wear costumes to school on Halloween are the 5th grade choir kids so Maddi showing up as Harry Potter was a big deal.

She did so good! Not only did she have singing parts, she also had some fun speaking parts as well.

In kindergarten math we graphed candy corn!

In the afternoon we watched Room on the Broom and then had our Halloween Party! We had some yummy snacks!

We also colored masks…

And played Pin the Spider on the Web.

After school I had a meeting so we had to hustle and change into costumes and trick-or-treated my grandparents house.

We also had friends over for pizza and trick or treating.

The kids got tons of candy, and what is Halloween without sorting and trading candy?

While we were sorting candy the fire truck stopped by our house and they actually handed out candy to Guy and Maddi. How cool is that? I love our town. Our houses are all so decorated and people sit out on their front porches or around fire pits to hand out candy. It is always such a fun night.

I hope you had a Happy Halloween!


10 thoughts on “Halloween 2018

  1. Maddi looks amazing! A proper Gryffindor girl! Love that your local fire engines stopped to hand out sweets, what great guys. Also the fire pits idea is brilliant – hope that catches on here! J xx

    1. It was so fun to see all the fire pits and families outside greeting people! I absolutely love this time of year. We love Harry Potter around here! She will LOVE hearing your compliment!

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