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November Goals

Can you believe that tomorrow we are wrapping up the month of October? I cannot believe it. Here is a look back at my goals for October…


  • Life journaling using SOAP method.  The SOAP method stands for Scripture, Observation, Application and Prayer. As I read either my Bible study or my Bible, I would write down whatever scripture stood out to me that day and write down the promises that I observed, how God is applying it in my life or how I am applying it towards Him, and then a quick prayer. I am so excited to keep this going.
  • Add social media to the blog…You can now find me on Pintrest and Instagram!
  • Halloween themed dinner…This just didn’t happen. I was going to go all crazy “Pintrest Mom” on this and make those mummy dogs and some other festive food but we opted for pizza and trick-or-trunking and football! Hahaha!
  • Halloween movie night with a fun snack…We watched Hocus Pocus and curled up on the couch with warm Chex Mix {As Easy as 4-3-2-1}
  • cover
  • Pumpkin Patch…check, check, and check! We have pumpkins for days!
  • Family pictures…one of these days we will get around to this!
  • Clean out garden…Thanks to Brandon our yard and garden is winterized.

Now on to my November goals…

  • Start wrapping and finish Christmas shopping…I hope to get this crossed off my list!
  • Christmas cards ready to be mailed by December 1st….I love having my cards addressed and ready to mail out.
  • Serve as a family…with all the hate, darkness and sadness in our world right now I want to show my kids how to be the salt and light. I am brainstorming ways that we can all serve as a family and hopefully continue this each month.
  • Get back to health…walking consistently and eating healthy is on my agenda this month.
  • Oil changes…enough said.
  • Christmas decorations inside and outside completed…the happiest time of the year is upon us and I just want to soak it all up!

What is on your goal list in November? Thank you for stopping by!


14 thoughts on “November Goals

  1. This looks very similar to my list for November. Have the car set to go in for an oil change on the 15th but there are 2 recalls so I asked for a loaner and I’ll go shipping as the dealership is close to all the “good stores” lol! Hope November helps you cross off all the things!

    1. OHHH you are so lucky about the “loaner” car. I will say, my dealership left the oil cap off on my last oil change so this one is free. Hahaha! Luckily there was no damage and my husband noticed it right away…because I don’t think I ever would have noticed. I love your plan of shopping 🙂 Cheers to November!

    1. Thank you so much! I wanted to take advantage of all the beautiful fall colors but I think the leaves are going to be blowing off the trees this week…such is life and that is ok! 🙂

  2. You did awesome! I’m ashamed to post my progress because I did horribly on my fall list! I love your goal of serving as a family. I enjoyed serving with my parents as a child and those memories still stay with me.

    1. Thank you so much Shannon! I am so happy to hear that you remember serving with your family. That is my hope for my kiddos, that they remember how we served together. I did horrible on my September goals…I think I accomplished one of them. I know how you feel! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I have been struggling with some health issues during the past few months, so I haven’t really been making goals besides focusing on staying present … if that makes sense?!?!
    I also just started following you on instagram, BUT I think you have a secure account and you may have to approve my request to follow you … @crazyrunnergrl13!!
    I think my goal for November will be to continue to focus on my health AND enjoy the time with my family in Minnesota at the end of the month! I will also try to get all of my christmas shopping DONE while in MN because we will be so close to the mall of america! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for following me on Insta! I can’t wait to connect with you. I followed back. Also, I am so sorry about your health issues. I do like the goal of staying present. Time with family in Minnesota sounds great and the Mall of America! Have a great rest of your weekend Lindsay!

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