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Happy Monday…Football and Halloween-ish Things…Oh-My!

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with  HeatherJohannah, and Lindsay for their fun weekly link-up, Hello Monday!

We just had the sweetest weekend over here! It all started Friday afternoon, the kids and I were off early and we came home and relaxed, picked up groceries, pizza and Halloween costumes and then we carved pumpkins!

These pumpkins are just the cutest! I love how Maddi had heart eyes.

And look at all those teeth that Brandon had to cut on Guy’s! Patience of a Saint.

I love how they look all lit up!

Saturday morning Guy played in his last flag football game. They lost this game but ended up finishing 3rd overall.

We are so proud of our little center, and can’t wait to watch him in tackle next year.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how amazing and thankful I am for coaches, they volunteer their time, they pour into the kids and teach them such great life skills as well as how to be a good teammate.

Starbucks for everyone to celebrate!

That afternoon we went with friends to a Trunk-or-Treat and had a good time!

Saturday night Maddi lost a tooth.

Then it was time for a team party. Not only do we have fun kids on the football team, we also have a great group of parents!

Sunday was full of church, a nap, Hallmark Christmas movies and a super yummy dinner!

If you would like to join me, I have been memorizing a verse of scripture each week (you can read Why You Should Memorize Scripture and How I Memorize Scripture) here is my memory verse this week.

I hope you have a wonderful and Spookatcular week ahead! We have some fun things planned!


26 thoughts on “Happy Monday…Football and Halloween-ish Things…Oh-My!

  1. What a FUN little football team! Fun kids, fun parents. What a blessing in your life!! So fun. Saturday I was thinking Jenna and I should have taken the boys to Pumpkin Palooza together this year. Ya know, IF my kids had costumes but they didn’t until Saturday afternoon. But we do need to get our kids together more often so we can get together more often. 😉

    1. I have been thinking about you the past two days Dara! Lots of prayers going out! The pumpkins sum my kiddos up. Hahahaha! It was a fun weekend and Guy was not too sure about the witches brew drink (the purple one). He did not like the chai seeds

  2. Is that Guy in the black hood with the bloody knife? EEEEK!! C is still losing teeth too – some are refusing to come out evern though the other ones are coming through, it is a bit freaky looking. Guy did such a great job staying patient and cutting all those teeth – super impressive! You reminded me we haven’t even bought our pumpkin yet – #badmom!! J xx

    1. Yes, that is Guy! It even has red eyes that glow but you can’t see them in the day light. This is his first scary costume and he was so excited. Considering his other two scary costume ideas (a creepy clown and Chucky) scared him too bad. I just shake my head at that boy. I hope you get some pumpkins! Also, poor Caspar with his teeth! That sounds uncomfortable too!

  3. I love that verse Jenna, so much powerful truth that our words can be a benefit if we choose to let them be 🙂 I love the team dab and so thankful for coaches too!

    1. Oh I have been praying this entire year about my tongue. I am a person who just blurts things out without really thinking and that is not always the smartest thing. Two ears, one mouth. That is my motto, I better be listening twice as much as I am talking 🙂

  4. What a great weekend! Your pumpkins came out so good. Did you guys like the Monster’s brew drink? Mason and I had one last week and ours didn’t have much flavor at all. The lady was struggling making them, so maybe that’s why. Who knows! What is the red one?

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