The Ministry of Motherhood

Oh how heavy and big the word ministry sounds and feels to me. When I hear that word I instantly think about standing up in front of people and preaching. While I LOVE standing up and speaking about the love and power of God and praying over people (I pray I keep getting the opportunities to do this), that’s not what ministry means. I am not a preacher, I don’t have a large ministry. What I do have is a small ministry that includes a man that loves God and two kids that love God. I have God’s command, that as a parent, my greatest responsibility and calling is to make sure my children are trained up in His truth and love. Being a mom is a calling, a duty, a ministry, and one that God highly values. Because if we don’t train up our children in truth and love, the world will train up our children to value the world, not God.

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Before I begin, I would LOVE to hear how you minister to your children. Please share in the comments. I am always looking for new ways to help my kiddos understand the love of God. I am also sure there are others who are wondering how they can minster to their kiddos as well.

…God is not a secret…

It is not a secret that we are a house of believers. As a family we talk about God, ask each other questions, It’s not a shameful or embarrassing thing. It’s not something we keep quiet about. We love God. We all feel comfortable talking about Him or asking questions and discussing.

…Pray together…

During dinner we each take turns saying grace. Each night is someone new. When Maddi was showing Harold at the fair, Brandon prayed with her before she showed, when Guy had his ocean play this week we prayed in my classroom before school started. We pray in the car before school for God’s armor, we pray about being a light and a good friend for others. Sometimes those morning prayers on the way to school are some of the most enlightening for me as a mama. My kids pray for their friends or problems they are having, courage to face certain situations, it is a really good insight into what they are thinking about. I love hearing my kids pray.

Teach Them Diligently  from $16.00   Part of the Shema, from Deuteronomy 6, reminding us to readily share the glories of the Gospel with our children each and every day.   This reproduction of an original watercolor with hand lettering by Ruth Chou Simons is a beautiful reminder of a Christian family's prayer.

…Have sayings for reminders…

Something that I say to them each morning when we are walking into the school…”Who loves your more than I do?” Sometimes, Maddi is less than impressed to say this because of that lovely “tween” attitude and fear she has of friends, but she always answers.

Another saying that we say to the kids and also their friends…”make good choices and follow Jesus”. Just a little nugget to stick with them as they leave the house or head off to a practice.

…Family devotionals…

We love reading Dinner Table Devotions at dinner.

Another family we love dearly reads Jesus Calling for Kids at dinner or breakfast.

Full disclaimer in the hopes of being transparent, we do not read this every night. Some nights we just sit around and laugh and tell stories about our days and share in a few table games and I think that is just as important as well.

…Memorize Bible verses…

Our kids get a new verse each month in Sunday School and we memorize the verse as a family.

…Model faith…

Our kids can see us standing up at church singing during praise and worship, or greeting people as they walk through the doors, but what they really need to see is our walking faith. Reading our bibles, saying prayers throughout the day, showing love and kindness to friends, family and strangers. Keeping our promises to others, and more. I don’t want to show my kiddos empty faith, God is not just for Sundays from 10-11:30.


This one is huge for me. I fail as a mom all the time. I always ask for forgiveness from my kids. Jesus showed how humble he was by washing the disciples feet, God forgives us even when we don’t deserve it. Forgiveness is so important in our family.

…Get them involved…

Brandon and I try to get our kids involved in as many things as possible. Brandon is in charge of the yard work at our church so they have helped with yard work. They take offering, they greet, Maddi helps in the toddler class, Guy gets chairs for people. As a family we are going to be serving together to fill Thanksgiving meal baskets for people. Being a part of the church is so important. I love when our Pastor reminds us all that kids have the same size Holy Spirt as adults. We need to grow it!


There is just something about hearing my kids praise and worship God through music. We love turning on music while cleaning, cooking dinner, in the car, outside playing catch. Hearing them sing songs of praise melts me!

1 Peter 4:8

The most important ministry you will have is your family. If you are a wife or mom, the greatest calling God has given you is family and showing love. Ministry can happen around your kitchen table-speaking the Good News while feeding them tacos on a Tuesday night!



6 thoughts on “The Ministry of Motherhood

  1. What an amazing post!! I also try to make sure our girls are involved in church activities. I really need to do better with family devotionals and memorizing scripture. Two very easy things that we could do as a family.

  2. Oh I couldn’t love this more if I tried! It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized how many other ministries there are besides preaching or serving in a church!

    1. I know exactly what you mean, it seems like such a Word with a lot of weight and BIG actions, however just loving people well is all it takes to have a ministry! Thank you Crystal!

  3. A beautiful ministry to US! Your daily efforts are so admirable and it reflects in the way you are so kind and treat others – you live the word. I think in our house that is all we aim to do. I try and take every day situations and discuss ‘what would you do it’ with Caspar. I don’t quote to him but try and integrate the morals and beliefs and message of the bible in subtle ways to him. I think if I said ‘Jesus said…’ too much to a headstrong tween he would just rebel. He is in such a secular environment with friends and school I need to keep at it. His moral compass is excellent though as we have been working on these moral debates since he was very small. Loved this post! J xx

    1. I love that Caspar has such great morals and integrity! I know exactly what you mean about the tween, Maddi can sometimes roll her eyes at me! Hahaha! Great job Mama! Parenting is hard work! You are doing fantastic!

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