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How We…Meal Plan!

Oh boy, if there is one thing that saves me the most time during the week it’s my meal plan and grocery list. I don’t know about you but I hate not knowing the answer to the question “what are we having for dinner tonight?”. Mama has to know. Between practices and working, Bible studies and play dates and everything in between I like to know what we are eating for dinner. What I am about to share isn’t too life changing or new, but this is what works for me…

Plan it…

I like consulting my planner for this. I like to look at what practices we have that week or activities that might take away from dinner prep. Last week I had a hair appointment after work so I took into account an easy meal for Brandon to make so it would be ready when I got home. What is something easy to get on the table after football practice that goes from 4:30-6?

Write it down…

I keep a simple spiral notebook of all my meal plans throughout the year. That way I can look back and see what meals we have and what we haven’t had in a long time. Also, what are the meals that my family likes the best?

I also share my meal plans on Sundays here on the blog…just look at my tabs over on the right and you will see one for Meal Planning Sunday. You can see all my meal plans.

Non-negotiable Nights…

Taco Tuesday and Pizza Friday. Two nights I don’t have to worry about actually planning for.


Running list…

In the same notebook I keep all of my dinner night ideas, I also keep a running list for the week’s groceries. This way it’s on the counter and anyone can add to it.

WalMart Grocery Pick Up…

Friends, this is a life saver. I place my order on Thursday and then I pick it up on Saturday after football or between Birthday parties. I like giving myself an extra day to be able to add anything to my list that I may have forgotten.


We go to Costco twice a month. Costco is my weakness. I overspend in Costco and it can be my budget killer. I like to stock up on their produce and make it last for two weeks. And I only shop with a list.


Try something new…

I love turning to Pintrest and Taste of Home as well as other blogs that I love for meal ideas.


How do you meal plan? What is your go-to dinner for a busy night?


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12 thoughts on “How We…Meal Plan!

  1. This is exactly how I meal prep! It is a lifesaver. My go-to meal lately has been bowtie lasagna or something quick and easy like that. I wish we had a Costco around here.

      1. Bow Tie lasagna?? How have I NOT heard of this before? Is this a pretty simple dish that a novice cook could make?? Because I’d love to make this BUT I’d consider myself a pre-novice cook! 😉

    1. I love the grocery pick up! I hope it never goes away! It makes it so nice and easy to just go pick it up….now if they would just come and unload it and put t all away at home for me! Hahahaha!

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