Weekend Recap

Hello, Monday…Low Key Edition

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with  HeatherJohannah, and Lindsay for their fun weekly link-up, Hello Monday!

We just wrapped up the sweetest little, low key weekend. I need to apologize right now for the lack of pictures and fun activities, but we really just stayed home a lot, snuck in some naps, and stayed inside out of the cold. Here is a look…

On Friday we had no school so the kids and I slept in until 7! Guy started his long weekend with a charcoal face mask.

I also felt like mom of the year because I could make them French toast sticks…something hat didn’t come from a box and didn’t require milk to be poured on top. Hahaha!

Guy headed to a birthday party, and the rest of us had a low key night.

Saturday morning started bright and early with a football game so Brandon bought Maddi and I PSL’s.

We ran errands after the game, all of the leaves fell off the tree at our Costco…two weeks ago I took the top picture…the bottom picture is what the trees look like now. It was a rainy and drizzley day.


We went to a steakhouse for dinner.

We came home and had a yummy snack (homemade chex mix) and then watched Hocus Pocus…I was the only one in my family to have ever seen (like 100 times) the movie before! The kids loved it, even though it was “a little happy-scary” for Maddi.

Sunday consisted of church, going over to a friend’s house and helping her with advice on how to paint a really cool OLD pie hutch, and taco soup.

We also had small group that night. If your church ever does the Rooted Experience, please take advantage!

I hope you had a great weekend! Fall is definitely here in the PNW and we are soaking up all the colors and cooler temperatures! What was your favorite part of your weekend?


22 thoughts on “Hello, Monday…Low Key Edition

  1. That charcoal mask! Lol! Looks like a great weekend to me! I can’t believe the difference in the tree! You made French toast sticks and Chex mix – yum! It’s amazing how much more relaxed I felt with an extra day off on Friday. Wasn’t it nice?


    1. Lol! I contemplated not posting because it just seemed so “not exciting” but these are the weekend I love the most!


  2. So funny that you show Guy with a mask on as I’ve just started having to put them on Caspar’s nose (tween pimples). He says he doesn’t like it but I am sure he does. Your French Toast looks amazing – Americans make it with cinnamon don’t they? We just really have ‘fried bread’ here as part of a ‘cooked breakfast’ / ‘full English’ – not the same though, super greasy and gross. I would like a weekend of naps and steak soon 🙂 AND can’t wait for half term either! Looks like a lovely weekend – J xx


    1. I use cinnamon and vanilla in my French toast. That is funny about Caspar. Right now Guy begs for the masks, I am sure when he needs them he won’t want them!


    1. It has been so nice! I highly recommend the rooted experience even if you are established in your church, I have gotten to know this small group more than I ever would have otherwise.


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