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Hello Monday…All the Football!

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with  HeatherJohannah, and Lindsay for their fun weekly link-up, Hello Monday!

We just had such a fun weekend! If there is one thing my family likes, it’s spending time together but also sports and we got our fill of football this weekend.

We kicked off Friday with homework and a bike ride.

Friday night was date night. Brandon and I went for apps and to try some new tap beers.

Saturday morning we finally got to sleep in! And then Guy had a football game.

Then we loaded up and went to a college football game…WSU Cougars.

We were surrounded by Utah fans and Guy was less than impressed until WSU made their first touchdown and he could see how many Coug fans were around us.

It was a fun game, a close game, and we ended up winning. It was also their homecoming so it was a lot of fun and extra things were happening all around.

Sunday was church, watching more football, and chicken pot pie.

We have also been getting some visitors eating all the pumpkins off our porch…Last night we had five bucks within two feet of our house and if you walk outside they just stand there and look at you. It is so frustrating because they have ate all my flowers, all of my pumpkins and are just very destructive. But very neat to see.

I hope you have a great Monday!


10 thoughts on “Hello Monday…All the Football!

  1. Wow you get some pretty impressive wildlife in your garden! I know how destructive they are though – people have to net their gardens sometimes here. Love the Guy pics from the football – I have to ask if he is ‘dabbing’ – Caspar is obsessed with this and does it all the time and drives me nuts. I can see how it must be hard to keep his interest during the games – they are so long! I love them though and seeing the images of the games. The new beers look pretty delicious! J xx

    1. While I was looking at that buck, Brandon said “turn around” and within three feet of him were five others just standing on our porch looking at us like “hey!” Hahaha, they are not afraid of anything!

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