Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap…Fall Fun!

Happy Monday!  I am linking up with  HeatherJohannah, and Lindsay for their fun weekly link-up, Hello Monday!

After school on Friday Brandon and I mowed our church’s yard.

After mowing we picked up our groceries from WalMart grocery pick up and then we went to Costco and picked up one of their pizzas and a few things. We came home and watched last weeks Big Brother.

I have been fighting off a cold and ran out of medicine so Brandon ran to Walgreens and picked up medicine, but also came out with two surprises…Wicked is on the left and Berry Naughty is on the right. Both are perfect shades for fall.

Saturday morning started bright and early with 7:20 warmups and a game at 8. I was in charge of snacks…so I bough donuts and Sunny D…super healthy snack mom here! Hahaha!

After the game, Brandon and I fueled up with lattes.

We went to soccer games and another football game and then we hit up the fair.

The kids loved going on the rides.

And going into the petting zoo.

They also loved the food.

Guy played a couple of games. He didn’t do too bad shooting the gun.

Sunday started with church. It was all about stress and was a very good sermon.

When we got home from church the kids did their homework and went to my parents house for a bit.

While they were gone I decorated our house for fall.

I also made my co-workers a treat for fall.

I hope you had a great weekend and a great first day of fall. Also, enjoy your Monday!


18 thoughts on “Weekend Recap…Fall Fun!

  1. MMMM this look like pumpkin whoopee pies, yum!! You guys have the smiles for miles, I love it. And those Essie polished are sooo pretty! happy Monday darling!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, minus the cold you’re battling! I hope you feel better soon. That pizza looks amazing! Wait, he picked out those polishes for you? How sweet!! Fairs are always so fun and have great food! Our state fair starts this week and I’m sure we’ll go at some point. Are those pumpkin cookies? They look amazing!!

  3. Those cookies look yummy! Also love the nail polish. We got out of taking the girls to the fair this year! They never mentioned it and I didn’t volunteer to take them! HA. But it is always a good time.

  4. Ok Jenna – I bet your co-workers LOVE you and those boys at the football LOVE you too with those gorgeous filled cookies and the yummo looking chocolate doughnuts! I will been thinking about those cookies for ages. The pic of you and Brandon is super cute – you two are obviously such great buddies as well. Love the nailpolish colours – you will have to post on what they look like. Did Brandon pick them out for you without any guidance? My husband is pretty brilliant but hasn’t picked nail polish before! 🙂 J xx

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