Family Game Night!


I don’t know about your family, but my family LOVES to sit around a table and play games. Now that the days are getting shorter and we are going to be cozied up inside, we will be playing more and more games. Nothing beats changing into your comfiest clothes, popping a big bowl of popcorn and playing a game. Here are 10 of our favorite family friendly games…


MindWare Qwirkle Board Game

Qwirkle is a fun game that requires you to match either by color or by shape. This game is great for logical thinking and problem solving.


Rummikub -- The Original Rummy Tile GameRummikube is probably one of the most played games in the house. Guy somehow almost always has no tiles to play and then at the last second is able to lay down all his tiles. We love this game!


I picked up The Game of Life on a whim a couple of months ago and we have loved playing it. It’s fun to see who takes chances and who does not.


PlayMonster SpoonsSpoons is one of those games that gets a little wild and a whole lot of fun. We love this game and it doesn’t actually take this kit to play, just a deck of cards and spoons from your kitchen. If you want an easy description of how to play this game, just click here. The more players, the merrier/crazier!


Mattel Games 42003 Uno Card GameWho doesn’t love Uno? One game of Uno in our house can last forever!


Sequence GameSequence is a fun, logical game that gets you thinking. We love it!


Mattel Games Big Picture Apples to Apples Game

Apples to Apples Big Picture Edition gets us laughing every single time. We love this game. More times than not, this is a game of choice for our kids. Also, this version is much more family friendly than the original Apples to Apples (which we do play with adults…get it!)


The Game of Things has been a conversation starter in our house. Sometimes we will just break out the questions around the dinner table and laugh. It’s pretty funny to hear the answers your kids say.


Image result for deck of cards

A couple of weeks ago our friends came over and taught us a new card game (something we love…Golf, Rummy, Pinochle) it’s called Chase the Ace. To learn how to play, click here.  It takes a deck of cards (or two) and a couple quarters (or pennies, whatever coins you want).



Sorry! might be the most cut-throat game in our house. We even have a loser dance that the loser has to sing and dance to. We love this game!

Other honorable mentions are BattleShip, Pictionary, Rummy, Connect 4, Mouse Trap, and Guess Who?

I am HORRIBLE at Clue! You could spell out the crime, who did it, and where and I still have no clue about anything. Hahaha! Another game that I just can’t play is Monopoly…it takes forever….forrrreevvveerrrr….(just imagine The Sandlot). Tell me, what are your favorite games to play? Does your family play games? What games can you not stand? I would love to hear and also hear of any suggestions for more games! Thanks for stopping by!


16 thoughts on “Family Game Night!

  1. We LOVE game night too!! Avery is still too young to sit for more than 20 minutes and play a game however, but the rest of us could play all night! I really want to get Sorry, I think the kids would love it

  2. Love these suggestions, I’m always looking for new games for the kids and is to enjoy! Uno and SkipBo are favorites in our house I love Clue, but HATE monopoly!! HATE it!! LOL

  3. We love the Game of Things especially when we have extended family here. It’s so fun. I love to get the kids a game every Christmas…Spoons might be a good choice. We love Sequence for Kids too!

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