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How I Memorize Scripture

Hello! I am so excited to share how I memorize scripture. I try really hard to memorize a new verse or two each week. If you are interested, I shared last week Why You Should Memorize Scripture and I thought today I would share the “how”. I would also LOVE and appreciate different tips and tricks you use to memorize scripture.

I would love to also add, it is amazing how this year has gone by and at different times God has imprinted a verse in my mind, or the Holy Spirit has gently whispered it in my time of need. Have you ever had this this experience? One morning I was quietly solving my own problems in my head and trying to decide if I needed to confront someone or not (something I hate to do) and the Holy Spirit gently whispered Exodus 13:14…and I remained still. God worked it all out for me. Amen!


I started memorizing a new verse each week in February. I find my verses throughout my daily devotional, Jesus Always or throughout my reading in the Bible. Also, during church I pay close attention to the verses and if I am listening to a speaker I love (my own Pastor, Priscilla Shirer, Christine Caine, Rick Warren, for example) and they say something along the lines of “this is a powerful verse that everyone should memorize” I memorize it.


I got a blank pack of index cards and write the verse down each week. Or as I am reading the Bible I will write down favorite verses. This way I can read them when I need them. Also, writing something helps me memorize it quicker as well.


After writing the verse on an index card, I keep it front and center in my Bible so in the morning while doing my quiet time I say it out loud. I also keep a Bible in my desk at work so I highlight each verse each week and then repeat it daily when I can, maybe when the kids are at recess, at lunch, or specials, sometimes before or after school, whenever I think about it.

Brandon has kept his verse in his truck or pocket and sometimes wallet.


I speak the verse aloud three times in the morning with the book, chapter and verse number at the beginning and end…example (this is my verse for the week)…

“Isaiah 41:13

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, “do not fear; I will help you”

Isaiah 41:13″

And I say it three times out loud each morning. This really helps.


After I chose my verse, I look it up on Pintrest. I also post each weekly verse to my Instagram account just in case someone else wants to memorize it with me. I think sharing the word of God is one important way we can all encourage each other, but also make disciples of others.

Pintrest has the prettiest way of dressing it up. Beware, always check that the verse is right though! That is why I pick my verse from my Bible first before turning to Pintrest to see if someone has made it fancy.


I love keeping my verses in this pretty recipe box right by my bed. I keep it on my night stand and sometimes when I struggle falling asleep I like to flip through my verses and pray.

I would love to hear if you memorize verses, and if so, how do you memorize them? What helps you? What is your favorite verse?


10 thoughts on “How I Memorize Scripture

  1. Awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing. I’ve been memorizing scripture, too, but I’ve slacked off the last few weeks. Hoping to start back up again soon.

    1. I love memorizing it. It is just an encouragement and always comes in handy! I hope it helps Tanya! Those periods of time can be tough so just keep fighting the good fight and know that God is faithful!

  2. I just started a new Bible study today and one thing I want to do is walk away knowing, word for word, 5 new scriptures from the 10 week lesson.

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