Meal Planning Sunday

Meal Planning #42

AHHH! I am a day late (or three) and a dollar short (not really but I just like the saying). Here is what we are eating this week..


Orange chicken and rice.


This Chicken Pot Pie recipe. This is seriously the best chicken pot pie recipe I have ever found, plus it makes enough for two pot pies and I use the deep dish pie crusts from the freezer department. I froze the second pot pie for later.


We had leftover pot pie.


Pawhuska Cheesesteak Sandwiches from the Pioneer Woman’s Dinnertime cookbook and some French fries.


We are having dinner with some friends!


This is so random, but we are camping with friends and making a big batch of tacos.


Breakfast for dinner and I am going to make my Easy Sausage Balls. These are so yummy and have cream cheese in them!


There is a look at our menu for the week! Thanks for stopping in!


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