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A Day in the Life…1st Day of School

Tuesday was our first day of school and I thought, just to add to the crazy, why not make it a day in the life post. I thought it might be fun to share my kiddos first day, but also what a day in the life of a kindergarten teacher on the first day looks like…Brace yourself!

I woke up at 5 and my husband not only made my first cup of coffee (because he does that every morning) but he delivered me my favorite iced coffee.

When I was done getting ready I read my devotionals.

I woke the kids up, packed my lunch, made my protein shake, and we got ready to go.

I also started a load of laundry.

Time for pictures!

When I get to school the first thing I do is look through my lesson plans for the day and figure out what I am doing. On the first day I go out to the playground super early to meet parents and kids.

We hung our backpacks up, sat at the carpet and I read “Pete the Cat Rockin’ My School Shoes” and we wrote our names.

Then we went to a welcome back assembly. Teach-to’s in the first 30 minutes of school included how to line up, how to walk in the hall and how to behave at an assembly.

Next, we talked about playground safety and watched a video on playground safety.

Then we practiced how to play appropriately on all the playground structures.

At recess time I looked over the rest of the day’s lessons and teach-to’s.

When we got back from recess we practiced for lunch…how to type in our lunch account number in the cafeteria. This also allowed us to practice walking in the hall.

Up next was math. I love our math curriculum. We talked about same and different and then we explored our math manipulatives.

It was finally lunch time, but because I teach kindergarten half of my lunch was spent in the lunchroom opening packages and helping them get through the lunch line. The other half was spent helping another teacher with a project. When the kids came back in from lunch/recess I turn the lights off and they lay down on beach towels and I read them one of my favorites, “Ramona the Pest”.

We then did our first “assignment”. They wrote their names and drew themselves. This is my favorite assignment to keep in their folders and hand back at the end of the day.

We also did a little magic. I told the students that if their playdough changed colors it would be a great year! Thank goodness everyone’s playdough changed colors!

Finally, on my prep I was able to snag my lunch and sit down for the first time all day.

The students came back from P.E and music and we had snack and had free choice. I also read them two books before we said goodbye for the day.

After school Maddi took me up to her locker to show me how she had decorated it. I really do miss out on some things during Open House.

And because Brandon is the best, he brought me my first PSL of the season and it was SOOOOO good and I needed more caffeine.

When I got home Brandon and I went for a walk.

I came home and started dinner and did ALL the paperwork. The beginning of the year is always crazy with paperwork.

We had tacos for dinner (because Taco Tuesday) and as you can see, we didn’t have much left.

The kids did their daily reading.

While they were reading, Brandon and I read through four chapters of Hebrews.

After the kiddos went to bed, Brandon and I sat down on the couch and watched some TV while I painted my nails and drank some tea.

We ended the night with some Friends, and it was lights out by 9:30.

What a busy day. I don’t think I sit down much the first month of school. The most important thing is, all students got home safely. I think I stress the most about dismissal. It was a great first day of the school year with a great group of students. Maddi and Guy had a great first day as well and love their teachers. This is going to be a great year!


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