Hospitality on the Go!

When people think of hospitality, they often think of inviting people into their homes and entertaining. Hospitality is actually much bigger. It is inviting people into your space, whether it is clean or messy. It is letting people see the real you, and you getting to see the real them. Hospitality does not mean just sitting around a table sharing a great meal. It means letting people into your circle and serving them, right where you are. As football season approaches and I am sitting on the sidelines with other Mama’s I thought I would share some fun ways that I take hospitality on the go…

  • Blankets…I keep blankets in the trunk of my car. It gets chilly at night games or in the early mornings here in September-May. Keeping blankets in my car ensures that I not only stay warm on the sidelines, but other Mama’s and their kiddos can stay warm too. I pick up $10 blankets at WalMart and am always willing to share.
  • Heater…nothing brings people closer than a little buddy propane heater. My husband bought me this and it is always a hit at those cold games! It works perfect for football through baseball season.
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  • Drinks…bring a thermos of hot cocoa and cups to share with others when you are sitting on the sidelines.
  • Bring some goodies into work. My goal this school year is to bring in some goodies each month for the staff at work.
  • Plan to speak life…As we branch out and try to draw people closer, how can you give them blessings? What genuine compliment can you give them? Can you speak of a personal testimony or maybe scripture? Speak life!
  • Meals on wheels…ask God to place someone on your heart of who you could deliver a meal or baked treat to. Did someone just have a new baby? Is someone in your church sick and could use a meal? Do you know a Mama who might want the night off cooking and need some takeout and paper plates delivered to her house?
  • Seek to know people…I love getting to know people. A large part of hospitality has everything to do with you seeking to know someone, not the food or drink you provide. For instance, I was doing a job at church on Sunday with another lady from church. This is someone that I sit behind each week, we know each others’ names, ask how our weeks have went, but it hasn’t gone much further. As we were working I started asking questions…she had just shown her car in the old car show, she was from the Seattle area, she used to work in a pharmacy before she retired, I really asked questions that showed I cared and wanted to get to know her better. Just reaching out of your bubble for a moment to ask questions really does make a difference.

How do you take hospitality on the go? What are your best tips for taking hospitality on the go? Are you more of an introvert or extrovert? Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “Hospitality on the Go!

    1. I have really tried hard to put an effort out towards others. I am very guilty of closing myself off. I have really tried to be more open and get people talking. Thank you so much Lindsay!

  1. These are such great tips. I think we (me!) can get so caught up in the busy-ness of life that we forget to be a light to people when we’re out and about. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. I am the same way Tanya. The busy-ness always sucks me in. I have been so guilty of just closing in on myself and not getting to know others. I have tried to really make an effort not to keep to myself.

  2. I love the idea of delivering paper plates with the meal!! Never thought of that but it’s a great idea! I’m going to start doing that. Reading your heart each morning sets the tone for my heart for the day ♥️♥️

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