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Home Sweet Classroom…2018-19


AHH! You guys, I am completely geeking out. One of my favorite things to do is to get a peek inside people’s spaces. I love home tours, but I also love a classroom reveal. I love getting inspiration for my classroom and I thought it would be fun to share this year’s classroom. You can see my 2017-18 reveal by clicking here.  You will notice that some things stayed the same, but I have been pouring myself into my room this summer. And I owe a lot of thanks to Brandon who has helped me and spent just as much time in my room as myself. Here we go, come on in!

I thought it would be fun to show you my BEFORE picture. My room was tore up!

Here is the view as you walk in…


Even though the kiddos have their own supplies, I like to have extra crayons and pencils on their desks. I also like having a little “garbage can” on the table as well.

Check out my cubby area… That bus bag hanging off the hook holds our box tops. I also keep a few extra pairs of gloves up on top just in case kiddos forget theirs.


Our Word Wall is  a big wall that we use throughout the year. I make it huge and interactive for the kiddos and we use it all the time. I introduce between one and two new sight words each week.


I am a big advocate for play in the kindergarten classroom. I have a 30 minute free choice each day for kids to play. They learn so many valuable social skills that I can’t teach them with a lecture. I have a LEGO table, a kitchen and babies, puppets, blocks and cars, puzzles, and so much more.



I also sit in that orange chair to read aloud from chapter books while the kiddos rest (yes, they lay on the floor on a towel or sit at their desk and we turn the lights off and they listen to a chapter book).

I love bulletin boards and displaying student work.


This bulletin board is used for our anchor charts which students love to refer to while writing. The other half will be used to display their writing pieces.


Each morning we have a little family meeting. We sit on this rug and share stories, complete the calendar, play a little math game, complete the morning message, and practice a lot of skills.


I also have our daily schedule posted on the white board right next to the calendar. We refer to the calendar each day. Also, I will have a little name tag for each student to put in the heart on the bottom left. When someone gets hurt or is out sick we all say “We wish you well!” and place their name in the heart.


Here is a peek at my work area…


I also have these drawers to help keep me organized. I plan a week in advance so I keep my extra copies in the drawers.


Each day drawer has these folders inside to keep me extra organized. On Friday afternoons I pull out all the folders and put them in the big buckets (behind my computer) for the following week. That way I leave for the weekend and I am all ready to go for the following week.


I also love these bulletin boards in the hallway.


And a classroom tour wouldn’t be complete without my favorite part of the classroom…my book shelf. I change the books out every other week and they are theme based! I love it!


Thanks for taking a peek in my classroom! I hope you enjoyed it. I am so excited for this space to be filled with my new students and the love and laughter that comes from kindergarten!


22 thoughts on “Home Sweet Classroom…2018-19

  1. Looks incredible, so cheerful and inviting. Can I come read to your class? I used to read in the K classes all the time when the boys were younger, got my classroom fix since I chose a different career path over my teaching degree. Your kids are gonna LOVE IT!!

  2. Love it Jenna! I love that you make your classroom fun and exciting for the kiddos. There is nothing worse than a plain stark boring classroom!

  3. Kindergarten is the cutest! I miss some of these things from our younger years! I forget which class had a wish you well chart, but it’s so sweet, they could put family members on it too if they want!

    1. I love kindergarten too! I love your kiddos also had a Wish You Well chart. It has seriously helped out so many kids and situations. We also use the pictures, and sometimes during our family meeting in the morning the kids wish their family members well who might not be doing so well. It is the sweetest thing ever! I love their big hearts!

  4. Wow, you have put so much work into making your classroom a welcoming place. I love all the details, and YES to play in kindergarten. I hope you have a wonderful first day of school (I don’t think you’ve started yet?)

  5. Incredible. I think we all forget how much effort goes into being a school teacher. I noticed that you mentioned a message … do you teach at a christian school? I went to a christian elementary school for K-8 and I honestly really appreciated the small class sizes and the personalized education I received there BUT not many teachers talk about the differences between the two so I thought I might ask?!

    1. I teach at a public school. We try really hard to keep class sizes small, but with some groups, that does not happen. My school is pretty small. We start our day each morning with a little message where I welcome the kiddos and we do a quick learning game to get our brains ready for the day. I love that you asked! Thank you!

  6. You have done such an amazing job – it really shines through what a caring and thoughtful teacher you are – lucky kids! Also the creative ways you have set up everything to encourage and stimulate the kids. It was really touching how you even thought of having the extra gloves! I’m a huge believer in play based learning – Caspar had this at school until about 7 and really thrived – I think the boys love it especially. I hope everything is going well – I am soo behind still catching up with everyone (just 7 days behind now, whoop!) – Joanne x

    1. I love you are a believer in play-based learning and that Caspar saw great benefits of it. I think social play is huge, they are learning so much…like how to share, how to use conflict management strategies, how to get along and so much more. Have a great day Joanne!

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