Words I Live By…

Today I am linking up with these sweet ladies for a little Girl Chat. Today we are sharing our favorite quotes…

I am a people pleaser. It can be such a downfall for me. This past year I am learning how to work through that and this quote always helps. I don’t have to echo, I can be my own voice. Going against the crowd, standing up for yourself, advocating for someone else, these things are all hard, but it is really important to be a voice and not an echo.

lovequotesrus: Everything you love is here - The Only Living Girl In New York

These are my kind of people! And I LOVE feeding them!

Met Julia at a small private airport many many years ago and since I saw this quote, I can't look at cilantro in the market anymore without thinking of her.

Also…I feel like if my husband had a quote he would live by it would be this one by Julia Child

dolly parton quotes - Google Search

Who doesn’t just love Dolly? She is the queen and I love this quote.

Jeremiah 29:11 Plans to give you hope and a future. #trust

This promise from God has brought me a lot of peace throughout the years.

What are your favorite quotes that you live by? I would love to hear!


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  1. Such fun quotes and too true! Dolly rocks, I would like her to adopt me. Love the fact you included one from her! Drove for about 8hrs wirh a friend from NC to Dwood once and it was shut, so disappointed! The Jeremiah quote is a lovely inspiring and comforting one too x

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