Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Happy new week! I am linking up with  HeatherJohannah, and Lindsay for their fun weekly link-up, Hello Monday!


Saturday started off with a little blogging and a lot of coffee. Brandon was working so I took advantage of the quiet and still morning.

I also quickly mixed up some pizza dough for dinner that night.

Next, we were off to mow the churches yard and Brandon tore out a fence that needed taken down. I came home and made a shake, and then had an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. I never take medication so when I do I get knocked out. Brandon gave me two Benedryl and I was pretty much instantly asleep for a couple of hours. The good news, I got a nice nap and my arm went back to normal size (it was really swollen).

And because I have the best teacher husband, he made me a circle maker (my dream come true).

And because Brandon REALLY is the best teacher husband, we also went to my classroom and did a quick painting project.

We came home and grilled margheritta pizza…the homegrown tomatoes and homegrown basil, and pest….sooooooo good! I could eat this every single night!

Sunday morning started with some quiet time, followed by Church.

We had a luncheon after Church so we got home a little later in the afternoon. We watched some TV and then later did some yard work. My GIANT sunflowers are almost ready to burst open! They are about 9 feet tall.

We grilled garden corn and porkchops for dinner.

And finished the night with Big Brother and I made a homemade, old timey strawberry cake that was super delicious. Thank the good Lord for grandmas who handwrote recipes and could cook for armies!  Those recipe books will always be a treasure of mine.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. What did you do? This is my last full week of summer before heading back to work. I hope we get a lot of low-key days at home in.


18 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Your pizza! Your sunflower! Your cake! Wow! I’m sorry about your sting. Your husband is a teacher, too? That’s one of my sisters and her husband – they have the best summers together!

    1. No, sadly my hubby isn’t a teacher, but he is such a HUGE help in my classroom. He always comes and helps me set it up, decorate, tear it down, and also comes in and reads to my students. He is a huge help!

  2. Eek, I’m so excited for your sunflowers!!!! That pizza, corn and strawberry cake look delicious!! Happy Monday!

  3. Your sunflower is huge!!! Funny story. My mom has told me for a few years I should plant sunflowers on the side of our house. Well I never have, and I was outside yesterday and noticed these huge flowers blooming and I looked and they are sunflowers! The only thing I can think of is I have a birdfeeder hanging from our porch that has sunflower seeds in it, so maybe that’s how they started growing? Who knows, but they are so pretty!
    It looks like you guys had a great weekend!!!

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