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Last summer I shared one of my most popular posts to date…Unboxing the Bento…What’s for Lunch! and thought I would share some other lunch ideas. I am always looking for new lunch ideas for my kids, especially during the school year. Since school is gearing up I thought I might share some of our lunch ideas….plus help motivate me to keep the fun lunches coming.

My kids are funny when it comes to food. Where I can eat the same breakfast or lunch for three years straight (maybe a little dramatic), they need change. They need options. Here is what our lunches look like…

Cheese quesadilla / salsa / tortilla chips/ yogurt smoothie/ caramello

 ham sandwich/ wheat thins with cheese spread / yogurt smoothie / Babybel / 1/2 granola bar

mac and cheese/ 1/2 a brownie / goldfish XTREME cheddar / munster cheese / wheat thins

1/2 turkey sandwich / goldfish mix / raspberries / grapes / 1/2 a brownie

grilled cheese sandwich / banana chips / goldfish pretzels / no bake cookie / ritz crackers with nutella

Pita pocket/pizza sauce/cheese/mini pepperonis (to make their own pizza)/ cherries/ CHEX mix/ cherry tomatoes/ apple sauce/ Easy Ooey-Gooey S’More Bars

 Grapes/ Gardettos/ Star white cheddar Cheetos/ Pepperoni/ 1/2 a granola bar/ cheddar cheese

mini bagel bite pizzas/ sweet potato fries/ cauliflower/ rice cakes/ cherries/ cupcake

These easily can be used and duplicated for school lunches as well. I get all sorts of sizes and shapes of Tupperware to keep items, throw a juice box or have the kids pick up a milk through the lunch line and they are good to go. What are your kids favorite lunches?


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  1. Your lunches from this post and last years look amazing – for me! Half a hot dog – genius! I like a little bit of several things and my lunches sometimes are in the compartment gladware containers. I will use up leftovers or the last of a snack item. This summer my boys have had a lot of ravioli, spaghettios, quesadillas, ham and Swiss sliders, cream cheese bagels. They get school lunch for free so I only pack for me now.

    1. It always seems like we have one hot dog left over from grilling so it works perfect. Oh my kids love ravioli. I love the idea of cream cheese and bagels…I am adding that into the mix!

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