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Hello, Monday!

Oh my word you guys, I have been a bad blogger lately. Last week was an unintentional break. It was good, it was so nice to be unconnected and living in the moment, but boy I miss this little outlet of mine. Hello Monday! Hello new week full of new possibilities and new blog posts! Hello new week full of schedule and routine (no, school didn’t start but we are back to our normal summer schedule). I am linking up with  HeatherJohannah, and Lindsay for their fun weekly link-up, Hello Monday!


Here is a look at our weekend, and boy was it a fun one!

Friday morning started with a 4 mile walk.

The kids and I met Brandon for lunch on Friday and we ate at the Costco food court because where else can you get a giant hot dog or slice of pizza for $1.50?

I made Easy Ooey-Gooey S’More Bars for a yummy treat in the afternoon for snack.


We had a fun afternoon on Friday. My farmer took us farming! Harvest time is a BIG time. I mean, this top picture…my men doing what they love doing most…farming! Both of them were in their happy place.

Meanwhile Sister Girl made gum out of wheat.

We ended our Friday night with chicken nachos and Family Matters.

Saturday morning we headed out of town for a funeral. One of Brandon’s family friends had past away this past week. She was a wife of a dairy farmer and her daughters spoke about her. It really struck me because what they remembered most was how their mom made their house a home, sewing with her, cooking with her, memories. Nothing extraordinary, they just spoke about every day life and how she would put her own little fancy touch on things…like Thanksgiving dinner on TV trays. I loved it. The kids did so good during the service that we got them a Hurricane from the local Zips.

Sunday was a great day. We got up and went to church.

My tomatoes are going crazy!

That night we went and picked some blackberries.  We scored about 3/4 of a gallon of berries, it’s still a little early but they are coming on.

I thought I would share with you my weekly bible verse that I am memorizing this week. Yesterdays service was all about facing your fears. I love this verse, and although we all have fears God is always there with us. When Joshua was selected to step in for Moses (what BIG shoes to fill) he must have been full of fear. But God gave him peace.

Have a wonderful Monday. Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


14 thoughts on “Hello, Monday!

  1. 4 mile walk! Wow! Those s’mores bars – I have made them before and now I want one! Your tomatoes! I cut up a cucumber and a tomato and put Evoo, vinegar, s and p last night and it was so good. I need to do that more. I’m sorry about the funeral but it sounds like a good reminder of the daily little things we do and how we make people feel in those moments.
    You had a full weekend!

    1. It was such a good reminder of the daily things, and what our kids are really going to remember about us. It was the simple, everyday things. Oh that cucumber and tomato mix sounds SO good! I am going to have to mix some of that up!

  2. What a sweet week, just got some blackberries at a farmer’s market this weekend. The chicken nachos look so good and the family selfie is darling! Have a great Monday!

    1. Thank you so much Andrea! Fresh blackberries are the absolute best and so super sweet. I love stocking up and freezing so that I can enjoy that sweet summer flavor all year long!

  3. Your photos are always so beautiful – the light is stunning! The first photo of the water especially – can you swim in there? It looks so tempting, but possibly a bad idea LOL. Costco – I hear a lot about this and surely they must see a business opp to come here as we have nothing like this? My son goes on about it as he sees people shopping there on youtube (youtube, the fount of all wisdom for an 11 year old). I love the fact you are sharing bible verses – I am really trying to read more from the bible recently – it is helping with my pregnancy nerves xx

    1. Oh you need a Costco! That is so cute about Casper and Costco. My kids love YouTube. They have been into life hacks lately and actually teaching me good little shortcuts and tips. Hahaha!

  4. I meant to mention – sorry to hear about your friend’s wife. She has been remembered in a beautiful way – I think it is the way I would aspire to be remembered too. I hope you are all ok x

    1. It was so fun to hear and really was such a great reminder of what people will actually remember when we pass…not the elaborate stuff, but how we made them feel and the everyday ways we as Mama’s make things special. I loved it!

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