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August Goals and a July Recap

I took a long weekend from this place. We were not up to much but I did like being unplugged and just kept it going through Monday and Tuesday. We are soaking up the last few sweet weeks of summer. With that being said, I would love to share my goals with you this month, but first a July recap…


  • Date night weekly… Best goal ever! We crushed this goal!
  • White wash a wall…This has been on my to-do list for a long time and I completed it this month. I will take some pictures and share!
  • Walk 60 miles. Didn’t do it. Didn’t come close. It is on my list for the month. I need to get my butt in gear.
  • Get classroom set-up. I am so thankful to my husband…my classroom is pretty much ready to go (is it ever really done?!?!). Brandon and I have knocked it out. I feel really good with the progress and just need the janitors to move a bunch of stuff that they moved in. I could start tomorrow if I needed to. Such a good feeling!
  • Game night. Done! LIFE is the new game of choice around here.
  • Clean out/sort clothes and closets…not done. This is the worst of chores to me!
  • Two cups of coffee a day and one in the afternoon occasionally…Some days I only had ONE…that was O-N-E cup of coffee a day! Who am I? It feels really good to cut stuff out!
  • No soda… Ok, in all honestly I didn’t cut it out completely because Pepsi just goes with Mexican food. But I averaged one weekly which is better than one a day!

Now onto August…

  • Clean the carport…This needs to be done. It needs swept, hosed down and just take some time to put some things away.
  • Clean the guest room…Do you guys have a room or area in your house where everything just kind of gets dumped? That is our guest room and it needs cleaned out! We are not expecting any overnight guests, but it would just be nice to get it done.
  • Wipe out fridge…I need to take the time to remove and wipe out shelves. It’s amazing how doing that makes a huge impact.
  • Clean/throw away/re-stock Tupperware drawer…Any lid without a matching container is gone! I need to restock for school lunches starting back up. I love doing this in August so we start the year out strong with lunches!
  • Walk 60 miles…I didn’t even come close last month, which is alright but I want to do this!
  • Gratitude journal daily…Gratitude journaling is something that I have been hearing about and want to try. I am going to add it to my morning quiet time. I think starting the day with a positive thought and intention is going to help set the tone for the day…I will let you know how it goes!

What is on your list of to-do’s? Any goals this month? Thanks for reading today!


10 thoughts on “August Goals and a July Recap

  1. You did so well on your goals! Keeping to the date night is of course the most important one 🙂 I daren’t write my cleaning goals down, the list would be too long and scare me, haha! I’d need to take another week off work! Well done with the coffee too – that’s a HARD one. Would love to see more photos of your area btw – especially on your walks! 🙂 Joanne xx

    1. The date night one was a game changer, we are now making that a permanent goal each week. My cleaning list is crazy long! Hahahaha! I always feel bad when I don’t get it done, but if I don’t share it with the world then I probably wouldn’t do it at all. Lol!

  2. I am excited to see what you think of the gratitude journal, I love that part of my daily time with God! Some days are harder than others but once I get a few down, my mind is flooded with blessings! Love your goals and yay for a classroom ready to go!

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