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Grilled Chicken BLT Salad

You guys, I don’t even know if you can count this as a recipe. But this is my little blog so I am going to count it as such. It’s more of a method or an idea. I don’t even have measurements…

The other night my best friend Tara and I went out for dinner and we ordered the best salad for dinner. I have been dreaming of this salad and needed to re-create it at home.

Here is what you will need…The star of this show is the homegrown tomatoes, but store bought will also work.


  • Grilled chicken…you can grill it yourself or do what I did and use the already grilled stuff.
  • Bacon…again, I got the already cooked bacon. Bonus, my house didn’t smell like bacon.
  • Lettuce.. (shredded)…as much as you want
  • Tomato…as much as you want
  • Sharp cheddar cheese…as much as you want.
  • Your favorite dressing….this is my families favorite….

Layer in your bacon,  lettuce (shredded), and tomatoes.


Top with chicken and cheese and your favorite dressing…


There you have it. The simplest and most delicious dinner. Perfect for summer time when you want something light but don’t want to spend anytime cooking.


And afterwards you will be as happy as Tara and I were, trust me!


From my kitchen to yours,


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