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A Day in the Life…Summer Edition!

I have said it before, and I will say it again, day in the life posts are my favorite. I might try to do this monthly instead of just quarterly. Here is what a typical Monday in the summer looks like for us…

Even though it’s summer break I still try to get up at the same time  I normally do. This really helps me when it is back to school time.

I sat outside for my quiet time and coffee. It was chilly and I needed a blanket.

I loved my devotional.

I had to wake Guy up a little earlier than normal (6:45) because he had football camp this week.

Here was my outfit of the day….in the summer I only wear real outfits if I have to leave the house. Ha!

Once we dropped Guy and a friend off at football camp I came home and watered my garden and picked my tomatoes.

I came home and read for a bit and then had to pick the boys up. They couldn’t leave without playing on the playground.

Lunch time!

After lunch the kids started a movie and I went outside to weed.

I mopped the kitchen. I love clean floors.

The kids and I colored for a bit.

I made them smoothies for snack.

While they ate some snack I sat down to play a little Candy Crush…Brandon got me started on Candy Crush again. I used to play it all the time.

I am doing the True Woman 101 Divine Design Bible Study in my small group and loving it. This week we focused on why God made women, women. And also the special way he set us apart from men.

Brandon came home and I started dinner.

Guy rubbed silly putty all over his head….why, I have no idea!

Maddi made some slime.

After dinner the kids painted some pictures.

My family wrapped up the night by watching a Star Wars movie….I think….because I was playing Candy Crush and working on my blog.

It was just one of those great Mondays of summer. Not too much on our schedule, lots of time for playing and creating, and really relaxing at home and enjoying family time.


8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life…Summer Edition!

  1. Holy moly it gets light outside early where you are!! We are on the very west edge of the EST timezone so it’s totally dark here until around 6:15 AM during the summer. During the winter the sun doesn’t come up until 7:30-ish. We always drive to school in the dark during the winter. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been a morning person. Haha.

    1. We have really long days in the summer. I love it. I can’t imagine driving to school in the dark during the winter. I wouldn’t want to get out of bed if it was still dark out! 🙂 I wouldn’t be a morning person either.

  2. What a perfect little summer day. Oh my goodness, I used to play Candy Crush when Nat was a newborn. It definitely passed the time during those late night/early morning nursing sessions.

  3. I should do another one of these posts too. Love those tomatoes – I want some! The kids look like they had a lot of fun just hanging out and doing fun projects at home!

    1. Thank you Dara. I love seeing how other people set up their days as well. They are some of my favorite posts to read. I cannot wait until my bigger tomatoes turn red!

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