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Garden 2018…Mid Season Update


Welcome to my little garden. If you need me during the day, you can usually find me out and about in my yard somewhere. Pulling weeds, watering, fertilizing, pruning, spraying, mowing, I love yard work, I love gardening, and I love my flowers….

Here are some before pictures. Most of the veggies went into the ground Mother’s Day weekend…

My tomatoes…Early Girls and Better Boys with one Yellow Pear


In this box from the top up…onions, corn, carrots, radishes.



One of several potted flowers…




Here are my tomatoes. Each plant is producing tomatoes. I am picking quite a bit of cherry tomatoes morning and night and have picked three Early Girls so far.


A couple of my plants have bottom rot. I ordered a spray that is supposed to work really well. You spray it directly on the plant and it prevents bottom rot. This is something that takes place in the soil long before you notice the problem…lack of calcium or too much fertilizer. I am hoping the spray works.


Next, is my first garden box. All the radishes have already been picked and harvest. Our corn is TALL! We planted Peaches and Cream corn, its a super sweet variety. It has yellow and white kernels.


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We planted Walla Walla Sweets. They are a super sweet onion that tastes so yummy.



Our carrots are up and ready. We have been enjoying them with humus and ranch!


My second garden box is full of basil, zucchini and another cherry tomato plant.


Back in April I had Brandon swing into a store and pick up sunflower seeds for Mother’s Day for my students. Well he scored BIG points by my students because he picked out Mammoth Sunflowers. They grow between 6 and 8 feet tall. I planted some along our fence and they are getting so big. I also think I am going to get a peek at the petals soon.


Maddi and Guy are obsessed with how these plants move in the direction of the sun and how they can watch them move during the day.

Here is a look at some of my pots.


Here are some of my tips for gardening in the mid summer heat…

  • I water my plants daily now in the morning. Some of my flowers that are in full sun I water in the morning and at night.
  • I like to use the pre-mixed Miracle Gro once a week.
  • I add Scott’s Turf Builder with Smart Water on my yard once a month. It is a fertilizer and I apply it generously. It works well in the full sun and summer heat.
  • I raised my mower deck a level higher so my grass stays longer and greener. This prevents it drying out quickly.
  • My mower is set on mulch now because the temps are consistently above 80.
  • I spray Sevin on all plants (veggies and flowers) weekly.

Do you have a green thumb? What do you grow in your garden? What tips do you have for this time of year?





6 thoughts on “Garden 2018…Mid Season Update

  1. For the first time ever we have a raccoon stealing bites out of our big tomatoes and he stole a zucchini so we need to figure something out! 🙁 I loved reading all about your garden. We love to garden here too! I want to invest in more pots for my back deck and get some more flowers for out there next year!

  2. I wish this was my life! But as you well know my thumb is brown. Your plants are beautiful and you’ve created such a neat space in your yard this year!! I love it! If you end up with too many veggies some some my way! 😉
    Also, the mulch setting on the mower might be the best discovery of my summer!!

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