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Hello, Monday…Back in the Nest

Happy Monday! Today I am linking with HeatherJohannah, and Lindsay for their fun weekly link-up, Hello Monday!


Our kids had been out of town all week for “cousin camp” at Disneyland. Brandon took the week off so we spent the week having a stay-cation. I took very little photos this weekend.  Friday morning started bright and early on the golf course. We played 18 holes with friends and then went out to lunch. It was perfect weather for golfing.

We seriously binge watched the last of Longmire and ate pizza that night for dinner.

We slept in Saturday morning and then I watered the flowers and garden. We also mowed our church yard (which is huge and takes about 1.5 hours with two people mowing).

Saturday afternoon we watched a couple of movies, napped, and then didn’t do much else. Anyone else love down time like that? I feel like this was the perfect ending to a busy but fun week and downtime was just what we needed.

Sunday morning I taught Sunday school at church.

After church we drove up to Brandon’s parents house to pick up the kids. Since they had been gone for a week we were able to raid their garden (it is HUGE).

The kids unpacked, I did lots of laundry, we looked at so many pictures of their trips and heard stories, I made them their favorite dinner (spaghetti)….

…and then we ended the night with snuggles on the couch.

It felt SO good to have my nest all back together. My mama heart is full as I write this on Sunday night. I missed my kids like crazy. When Guy saw Brandon and I pull into the driveway he ran out to the car with tears in his eyes. They had SO much fun and it is seriously a trip that will last them a lifetime…Disneyland is cool, but add in grandparents and cousins…and no parents to tell you “no” and it makes it even better. Ha! I hope you all had a great weekend.


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  1. We had very similar weekends!! I love ‘down time’ week-ends – we have to recharge sometimes and when we work and it’s go go go I think it is those sofa times that I dream about the most! That golf course looks pretty amazing! You really do have epic courses in the States! I haven’t heard of Longmire but I am guessing it is pretty good if you binge watched it? I totally know what you mean about the parents not being around to say ‘no’ – we’ve had that for years with the grandparents! 😉 J xx

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