10 on the 10th

10 on the 10th…Favorite Books/Podcasts/Shows…

Today I am so excited to be linking up with one of my favorite ladies, Erin from Perfectly Port Family. Today we are sharing 10 of our favorite books, podcasts and shows…

I have been so excited for this post, I cannot wait to read through and see other’s recommendations.  I am always looking for new books to read or for a new podcast. I am also looking for new shows to watch. Here are a few of my favorites…


This summer I have so many books on my to read list. Here are some books that I am reading this summer.

Image result for Everybody Always

I could not put Bob Goff’s “Everybody Always” down. It was so good. This book is full of love and how we should love one another. I found myself crying, laughing, sighing, feeling love throughout this book.


My second book is “When Life Gives you Lululemons”. I am currently in the middle of this book so I can’t give you my full thoughts, but I am in love. This book is such a fun summer read.

And my next book…

Image result for The Sound of Gravel

“The Sound of Gravel” is my next read.


I love Podcasts. I listen to them throughout my day, when I am mowing my lawn, when I am doing dishes, whenever, I am listening. Here are a few of my favorites.


During the summer there are only two shows that I really watch…

10 Random Things about me

10 on the 10th…10 Spring Cleaning Tips

10 on the 10th…10 Things I have in my Car

10 Things I’ve Learned about Being a Mom

10 on the 10th: Favorite Places to Travel Edition

I hope you have a great 10 on the 10th!


9 thoughts on “10 on the 10th…Favorite Books/Podcasts/Shows…

  1. Thank you for especially the podcast recs! I have lululemons and Rachel Hollis in my library hold and I love southern charm and big brother and boo mama so I think we share the same taste. Do you like Gretchen rubin’s books? Check out her happier podcast and you might like it!


    1. I love Southern Charm. I have never heard of Gretchen Rubin’s but cannot wait to check them out. I also hit subscribe to her pod cast! Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Erin, you will love the Bob Goff book…you pour out love like he does and I found myself thinking about you throughout the book!


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