Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {7/6/18}

Today I am linking up  with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.   Today I am recapping some of my favorites from the week.


I hope you all had a great 4th! I know we did. We went to a friends house to BBQ, the kids played in a pool and slip and slide. Then it was time to let off our own fireworks and watch others. It was a great night. Yes, that is Guy in a Kyle Busch shirt while lighting off a Roman Candle in his hand….#murica.!

Maddi loves having a star in her hair on the 4th.

In the summer we eat gobs of fruits and veggies. I put a big bowl of berries out on the table in the morning and the kids eat on it all day. I found a strawberry huller….this is a game changer. It was only $1 and you can find them at places like WalMart (or even Winco). This is going to be perfect for tomatoes!

God and his sunsets are a FAVORITE from this week as well.

Last weekend Guy was with a friend so we took our FAVORITE girl fishing…she likes to fish but she also likes to find cool rocks.

Hair day is always a FAVORITE as well!

My morning walks are a FAVORITE part of summer break as well. The sunrises are amazing.

Date nights are also always a FAVORITE…and so is Mexican food….

Local friends…WalMart grocery pickup up is a FAVORITE! I know…we are behind the times here in this little town since most of you already have this…but seriously you place your order on the app and then they bring it out to your car and load it for you. Now…if they would only come home and unload it for me.

Image result for walmart grocery pickup

I hope you all have a great weekend planned! Happy Friday!


12 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {7/6/18}

  1. Our town doesn’t have Walmart grocery pick up yet but our neighboring town does and I tried it for the first time this week. Game changer! Loved it. Have a great weekend!

    1. Game changer! I thought we were the last store on earth to get it. Hahaha! I have been waiting forever for it. So easy and I love that they check with you on substitutes and everything. Happy Friday!

  2. Maddi’s hair is just spectacular! Caspar’s is a similar colour but being a boy I obviously don’t see long and in all of it’s glory – like fire and gold, awesome. Almost the same colour as that amazing sunset! Loved your photo too of the quiet morning streets – there is something very soul quietening about walking when it is like that. Have a fantastic week-end – Joanne xx

    1. Thank you Joanne! What exciting news you have shared this week! Her red hair was such a fun surprise…her dad and I both have brown hair. I hope you have a great weekend!

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