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July Monthly Goals 2018

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Who is with me on the “WHAT?!?! We are half way through the year?!?!” train? I mean really, we are closer to Christmas 2018 than last Christmas. Where did this time go? Ok…on with my goals, first lets visit June…


  • No eating after 7 PM.Let me be really honest here…this was like a 50/50 goal. Some days I would…sometimes a bowl of popcorn just sounded good. Or Gardetos, or some other snack…but I did better than other months.
  • Walk 60 miles. I got in close to 40. I really sucked it up but putting it on my list for next month.
  • Do a DIY craft with the kids…we have been slime making fools this month.
  • no snacking…unless it is veggies. Summer…what can I say. It is so much easier for me to eat better during the school year. Not an excuse…just bein real.
  • Make a new ice cream.We had ice cream for dinner and I made a strawberry sauce and homemade hot fudge…does that count?
  • Try a new recipe each week…Yes! We have been eating a new recipe each week. Sometimes it hasn’t even been a new recipe, but a new method. Last night I made my tried and true meatloaf but instead of a big pan I made meatballs and BBQ’ed them….SOOO good and it didn’t heat my house up. I can see us doing this on the regular.
  • Try a new place for date night…We went golfing and out for drinks one night this month. That was new and fun. But we need to be better at branching out.
  • Clean out cupboards…done and done. I have put off one of my cupboards for a year and tackled it and cleaned it in 15 minutes. It might seem overwhelming but just get it started.
  • Wash outside windows…nope…didn’t even get motivated to do it!

Here are my July goals…

  • Date night weekly…this is going to be a fun goal and the one I am most excited about. We also have a week where our kids are at Cousin Camp so that will be fun!
  • White wash a wall…This has been on my to-do list For. Ever. It needs done.
  • Walk 60 miles. I’m doing it!
  • Get classroom set-up. I love getting the bulk of my work done in July. That way I can enjoy the last few weeks of August with my kids. I like going in for a couple of hours at a time. Setting up my classroom for the next year is always something I look forward to.
  • Game night. We love a game night. I think the kids would love this too.
  • Clean out/sort clothes and closets…with back to school shopping coming up I need to go through my kids dressers and closets. This is my least favorite thing to do. Anyone else?
  • Two cups of coffee a day and one in the afternoon occasionally…Hi my name is Jenna and I could drink 7 cups of coffee a day. During the summer I get in a bad habit of drinking coffee all day everyday. This summer I am focusing on my two morning cups…because I have started the school year in the past with headaches because of caffeine withdrawl…not 2018-2019. Ha!
  • No soda…I am not a big soda drinker but sometimes an ice cold Pepsi or Dr. Pepper sounds so good…or my kryptonite…Diet Coke with a fresh slice of squeezed lime…I have been indulging in soda recently and don’t want it to become a daily habit.

There are my goals for the month of July. What goals do you have?


8 thoughts on “July Monthly Goals 2018

  1. 7 cups of coffee WOW I feel your pain cutting down, Seriously, I’ve homed in on this as I’ve had to cut it all out in ONE DAY (I’ve just found out I’m pregnant) and believe me, this mama has suffered today. The date night goal is a great one, and game night – best of luck with everything! Joanne x

  2. I seriously think I drink at least 3 cups before I ever even leave for work each day! Ugh…and sister..60 miles is an AMAZING goal. I’ve really been trying hard to make sure I hit my 10K steps every day, no excuses, and I guess if I truly did that every single day I’d get close to that? I’m gonna have to look that over!! If I’m walking that much I’m going to impress my own self. haha Summer eating is hard….I’m sitting here typing this with my tried and true chips and salsa and a beer. Oopsie!

  3. I agree with you 100% about eating during the summer. I’ve never had a summer off like this, and being home with the kids is making me indulge in waaaay too much junk – popsicles, ice cream, homemade waffles every morning. Sheesh! And to top it all off I’m not going to the gym because I have to be with the kids nonstop. I’m going to have some work to do when they go back to school in the fall!! Good luck with your 60 miles… you can do it!

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