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Happy Monday! Today I am linking with HeatherJohannah, and Lindsay for their fun weekly link-up, Hello Monday! You can link up about anything, and instead of my normal weekend recap, I thought I would share about Brandon in honor of Fathers Day.


Brandon, what can I say about this man that would do any justice?!?!?! There are so many reasons why we love him, but here are just a few….

He makes things fun…He is the fun parent. He is the one that wrestles with the kids, he is always playing games with the kids, playing catch, letting them do crafts, fun. He is the fun one!


Brandon loves helping his kids with sports…This is one of my favorite things. No matter what sport, Brandon is on the sidelines helping the coach, wrangling kids, helping the kids, building the kids up, no matter what or who it is. It is so neat to see kids listen to him and respect him and build bonds.


He is the one that teaches our kids real life skills…You guys I suck at this. Brandon is always so good at giving the kids responsibility or teaching them how to do things by themselves. Where I just do it (without thinking) Brandon is the one teaching. Want to learn how to hammer? Saw a piece of wood? Shoot a gun? Chop down a tree? He is the one that has taught the kids to put their own laundry away, has the kids make their beds and has set up the chores.


Brandon cooks, he helps with homework, he cleans…he does it all.

Brandon’s favorite place is outside and has taught us all to love it too…Brandon is big hunting and fishing, but also teaching our kids how to be stewards of the land. He loves to farm. He loves to work in the yard, he loves to drive through the mountains. Because of his love of it, we love it.


Kindergarten Cop…This man reminds me of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop. He has helped me move into three different classrooms, he has snapped more unifix cubes together (into sticks of 10) than any person I know, he has made coffee runs for all the teachers, he has helped me put curriculum binders together, he does a lot of behind the scenes things. He gets to know my students at different school functions (football games) and comes in to read to them. He has listened to me cry about heart breaking stories, he has laughed over funny stories. Brandon knows that teaching is not just a 9-5 job but is consuming and is always willing to help to ease the load. He does it all.


Play! Brandon always makes sure that we have time to play as a family. Instead of just going out with the guys, or waiting for just him and I, he always makes sure to include the kids too. We love golfing together, fishing together, whatever it is, we love doing it together.



Brandon loves the Lord..if I ever have questions about scripture or need help, he always can answer. Iron sharpens iron. He serves the church in many ways, and is a true disciple. He is the hands and feet of Christ and loves the Lord before anything else. He has taught me to love and forgive like Jesus.

I feel so blessed that he is mine. I feel so blessed that my kids get to call him dad. He makes us all better people, works hard to provide for his family, makes time for all of us, brings the fun to any event, and is simply the best.

I hope you were able to have a great weekend with your family and all the dad’s in your life. Tell me, what is your favorite thing about your significant other? I would love to hear. Happy Monday, and always, thank you so much for reading!




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  1. So sweet!! I’m with ya friend. I don’t teach life skills very well, but I love learning. Joe is big on making sure the kids are involved in farm & house work. I could get it done faster without them, but they need those skills. 🙂

  2. You’ve got a great husband there! he is so multi-skilled – the teaching of real life skills is something not many kids get access to these days. Wrestling is always a winner with boys isn’t it? Funnily enough I think it gives boys a bit of robustness at school – what do you think? Mine can certainly handle himself ok and doesn’t mind a bit of roughening up on the school field, he knows it is in good fun – I think it goes back to the at home play wrestling. Lovely post and testament to your great husband! Joanne x

    1. I love that he wrestles the kids. I agree with you, I do think it really helps out boys. Even my girl wants to join in, but my son is the one that asks for it! Ha! I love the story of your son!

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