Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites {6/15/18}

Today I am linking up  with Andrea, Narci, and Erika.   Today I am recapping some of my favorites from the week.


I have a double edition of Friday Favorites from this week…lots of good stuff happening around our house! We have been living our best summer lives over here.

My first FAVORITE is a FAVORITE from my childhood…Indian in the Cupboard. Our elementary library is moving so the librarian was letting teachers take books…he let me take the hard backs of this book and I can’t wait to read them this summer as a family. This might be Brandon’s FAVORITE as well.

Another FAVORITE is eating dinner outside. The weather has been perfect!

I also love asking my students their FAVORITE things from Kindergarten…here were their answers…

Taking the kids out for burgers and ice cream to celebrate summer break is our FAVORITE way to ring in summer!

The kids have been loving their bikes and even had a bike wash. Their FAVORITE.

We went to the movies this week which is one of our FAVORITE summer break activities…they have movies for $1!

Picking goodies from my garden!

Brandon and I had date night this week which is a FAVORITE…we hit a bucket of balls and then went for appetizers.

Last night was a FAVORITE night…we went to the circus…

And then our town has 14 Days of Worship (churches from all over the area come and worship and have church services for 14 days pretty much all day) and our church’s worship team performed for an hour. It was amazing and so much fun. Seeing all the people come and worship our Lord and praise Him was humbling and amazing.

That wraps up this week’s list of favorites. I hope you had a great week and can count your blessings. Happy Friday!


10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites {6/15/18}

  1. That is an amazing idea to have 14 days of worship. It looks like your kids are really enjoying the start of their summer break!

  2. Yes to ice cream treats! We did the same yesterday for the last day of school. OH my gosh, I totally forgot about the Indian and the cupboard, so getting that for my son to read, he’ll love it!

  3. You had a great week! I spied what looked like some lovely BBQ / grilled pork on your al fresco dinner table (it is tea time here I am getting hungry, hahaha). Your son is so funny, he’d get on great with mine (always food around his face and messing in photos too). The kindergarten list was so sweet – didn’t realise you were a kindie teacher! The list your children made is so lovely – don’t they all love the taste and smell games (mine did too) – but it was the classroom elf that sounded so adorable to me – was that Christmas or year round?! I am intrigued! Your radishes look yummy – they always taste the best straight from the ground! Have a lovely week-end – Joanne x

    1. The Elf was at Christmas time and my students love it. And the best definition I have ever heard about boys is….boys, a noise with dirt. That sums up my boy perfectly! 🙂 Hope you have a great week.

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