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How We…Plan for our Vacation!

Happy Wednesday friends! Today I am linking up with Erika and Shay. Today we are talking all about planning for a vacation…

One thing we love about summer is vacation! You can see my 10 Favorite Places to Travel. We love traveling and we love a good road trip. Here is how we plan for our vacation…

1 year in advance…decide where to go. We already know where we are going next summer, over Christmas Break, and we have a running list of places we would like to go. We really like to take the kids ages into consideration as well…can they sit through things? Is it a family friendly place? Are there things that the kids would like and adults? Now that you have a place to visit start planning.

Turn to Pintrest or friends who have been…I love seeking out advice from co-workers for vacations and places to go. I also like looking on Pintrest as well. You get good insight into things to do, places to see, and food to eat (lets face it…that might be my favorite part).

Decide where to stay…Last summer we stayed in a house when we went to Sunriver Oregon and it was so much fun and nice to have all the amenities. This coming winter we have a trip planned and we are going to stay in a house as well. Next summer I think we will stay in hotels because our trip will have a couple of different stops.

Think about food…Does your hotel have a continental breakfast? What are you going to do for lunches? What about dinner? We try to eat out for dinner, but pack picnic lunches and try to either have a continental breakfast or bring breakfast food. Will you have a fridge available? What amenities will you need? Last summer, I legit brought my Keurig…because Mama needs her coffee.

The week before….

Make a list…we are list people! We make a list of several things that need to be done and packed…sunscreen, medications, passports, magazines and books, phone chargers, glasses, snacks, drinks.

Get the car ready…We can’t NOT get our car washed, get the oil changed, tires checked, all of it before leaving!

Double check reservations…

Call the bank and credit card companies and post office. Brandon always handles this for us. But this way the banks know where we will be and how long we will be gone, as well as our Post Office.

Let neighbors know…We live in a tight little neighborhood so they can keep their eyes on the house, water plants, and we also repay the favor.

Meal plan to have an empty fridge..empty that thang!

Keep your eye on the forecast…I check the weather for our destination all the time leading up to our trip so I know what kind of clothes to pack.

Day Before/Day of…

Check your list…did you get everything done?

Little chores…run your garbage disposal, make sure the lid to the washing machine is open, clean and pick up, close curtains, unplug appliances, set your thermostat.

One more clean sweep…check if you need pillows, did your kids grab their stuffed animals? Did you get your toiletries?

Clean home…I don’t know about your but when I get home from vacation, I want the laundry baskets empty so I can fill them up with vacation clothes, and I want to see vacuum lines in my carpet. It helps me relax knowing that my home is clean when we return.

What are your tips for vacation planning? How do you decide where to go?



4 thoughts on “How We…Plan for our Vacation!

  1. This is such a great list, and I follow almost the same routine. There is nothing like returning home to a clean space with empty laundry baskets!

  2. Yes to having a clean house when you leave. Nothing worse than coming home from vacation to a messy house! And LOL to clean that thang…lol! We haven’t been on a super long vacation in a while, lately we have been doing 4 day long weekends. But I like to try and not grocery shop the week we are leaving so we can use everything up. Have fun on vacation this summer! And I’m planning like you, I know what we’re doing at least a year in advance!

    1. I love how similar we are. That fridge is a must clean. Another positive about planning so far in advance is once we are home from vacation we have our next years vacation to look forward to!

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